ATW9K 84 — Morpheus believes Ro is the One

We talk deadly infectious diseases, Christian source material, Star Trek, The Matrix, and the Olympics. Thanks to question submitters Jeff Ferry, David Lester, Jacob Norton, and Scott Rubin. Send your trivia to the ATW9K gang at!

Here's a few questions we'll cover tonight:
- What is Neo's full, Matrix-given "real" name?
-  Who was the last survivor of the Nostromo after it answered a distress call on LV-426 (not counting the cat)?
-  What British rock/blues drummer shaved off his trademark beard for his role as a fishman in the 1989 episode of “The Next Generation” titled “Manhunt?”
-  What fruit is depicted in Leonard da Vinci's painting of "The Last Supper," even though it did not arrive in the Holy Land until long after the messianic time period?

Listen to learn the answers!