Episode 1

You want bullet points? YOU CAN'T HANDLE BULLET POINTS.
• The death of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. In a way
• Thor 3: Chris hates it, Tristan loves it. SEE, THAT’S DRAMA
• Tristan continues to refer to Avengers: Infinity War as Avengers Infinity Wars
• Ant-Man: a note perfect segue from New Marvel to Marvel from a few years ago. All Chris sees is the gulf left by Edgar Wright’s absence and Tristan chats New Mutants
• Bonus content!: Tristan’s antics irritate the other surgeons AKA he discovers M.A.S.H

Films discussed:
• The Mummy (1999)
• Star Wars (episode naaaahhhh)
• Rick & Morty: Tristan’s in deep
• The Incredible Hulk (TV show)
• The Fisher King
• Some more Thors
• Some more Marvels
• Avengers: Infinity Wars
• Deadpool
• Anchorman
• The Fly (1986)
• Highlander

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