Episode 2

Star Wars bonanza special!!! We get Star Wars out the way early on in the series because Tristan loves Star Wars more than his future first born child.
Also this episode:

Rian Johnson gets a mention as does his feature debut Brick and his affinity for a decent tracking shot (spoilers)
Rogue One: Porkins Strikes Back
Fan fiction and why it has no place in mainstream cinema
Invisible shields!

Bonus content: Chris flat out admits he’s always viewed Tristan as sexy Leia which kills the podcast stone dead and breaks the internet.

We also discuss Ron Howard and Chris ruins the intro.

Films discussed this episode:

Jurassic World
Batman: dead end
Star Trek
Solo,The Han Solo Story, by Han Solo
Rogue one
The Phantom meh
Rick McCallum
The worst shot in the history of Star Wars
Genuine Class
The Yoda movie
Tristan’s Kermit impression breaks the internet
The Last Jedi
Force Awakens
James Bond: Spectre
The Lego Movie

Question of the month: What does Ron Howard have to do to get binned off the Han Solo, solo movie?

Disclaimer: The Bowsers castle joke belongs to Emma Hare. She made it. Chris stole it. Let’s all move on.

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