HGN – The F***tastic return of our F***tastic F***ing show!!


So just when you'd totally given up we are back with a show and hopefully this signals many more to come.

We've missed you wonderful Woof Clang Clan members and listeners and we enjoyed the **** out of recording this ******* podcast.

After 38 shows being well behaved on the radio we are back to our home, ******* PODCASTING. To celebrate we bring a show chocca with profanity and silliness to signpost our return to the media we love.

We get our swear on and talk about just about everything we can.

Please send us anything you like to heregoesnothing@simplysyndicated.com

You know the drill, this is show is all about us interacting with you and you all having your place on our silly little Podcast.

It's Fing cing brilliant to be F***ing back !!


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