HGN – Episode 15.1 – The Season We Got New Mics or ‘Cogswell That Ends Well’

Aw, we missed you. You look well, have you been hitting the gym. Mmm, it shows. Deja vu time this week as we re-record an episode that went ka-blooey due to our old nemesis. Damn you, moderate technology! The HGN set-up has changed however, and for the better as you will find out, dear listener. Thanks to the continued generosity of our patron saint, a more reliable Here Goes Nothing appears to be a possibility. What's that? Garageband just crashed and took half the show with it? Well, sheeit.

We begin the climb to the summit of Mount Email, cough too much and revisit a classic HGN feature...why, if it isn't the return of Boz vs Casey!

Bon profit!