Korg Kaossilator 2 Review

This is seriously my new favorite gadget.  It’s not because I was sent it for free to review.  I get offered gadgets to review all the time, but most are not of interest to me, so I pass on them.  When I saw this new handheld synthesizer, I knew I had to test this thing out.  The Korg Kaossilator 2 is about the size of a chunky Blackberry but packs the music making capabilities of what used to be a studio filled with equipment.  Your handheld arsenal includes 150 different sounds, from tons of different drum and percussion kits, to instruments, to crazy electronic sounds, all of which can be looped and overdubbed to your heart’s content on two banks.  The X-Y pad can be set for different keys and scales to make your own melodies to add to your loops or play live over what you’ve already got running.  What’s really great is that it’s got a built-in speaker and mic input, which my kids go nuts for.  Nothing is funnier to them than hearing their voices played back with music over and over again.  My 7 year old will not give this up in the car, because the combinations of beats and sounds and samples you can create with zero practical music knowledge is almost endless.  There’s not even a steep learning curve, which is amazing for all this can do and I’ve barely scratched the surface myself.  I still don’t know how to use the arpeggiator, or even what an arpeggiator is.  One thing I was wary of after unboxing it and hearing It through the on-board speaker, was how good it would sound once it was hooked up to an actual speaker system.  I quickly recorded a track incorporating a bit of everything, saved it as a .wav file (.mp3 recording is an option too) to the SD card, loaded it onto the computer and let ‘er rip through my speakers, and was astonished how good it sounded.  This is not a toy and produces some very serious sound, which I will be putting to use immediately in crafting background tracks to use in podcasting.  The Kaossilator 2 truly can make even a fool feel like a Pharrell.  Available now for $159 -Jay from Masters Of None