That's right, we're live again tomorrow night for 2 special interviews starting around 8:30PM EST, which is 1:30AM GMT (Time update!).  To listen & chat go to the SS Live Page unless we can't get the new stream & chat working right, in which case we'll be back at   We'll have two very special interviews, one with Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller, who will be doing a special benefit show in NYC on November 12 at the Gramercy Theater called Conversations with Penn & Teller: 35 Years of Magic & B.S.  For tickets go to    The first interview will be with wrestling legend Mick Foley, promoting his new standup act to benefit Wrestler's Rescue.  Mick will be at Manhattan's Comedy club in Middletown, NY on Friday, November 13th.  If time allows, we'll try to get in a couple of questions from callers via Skype- simplysyndicated and the phone  (UK): 0121 286 9206 and (USA): (415) 992-5467 and we'll probably BS a bit in between/after the interviews as well for a mini Live-only epsiode.