Masters of None: We Know Celebrities: Mark Hamill and Jeremy Bulloch

This week Art talks with not one but TWO actors from the Star Wars films. Art chats with Mark Hamill and Jeremy Bulloch. Mark talks about his role of Luke Skywalker, deleted scenes, voice acting, producing films, and his latest film Sushi Girl. You can check out the trailer here and follow the film on Twitter.  Then Art speaks with Jeremy Bulloch and talks about his role as Boba Fett, the Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray, (pre-order here) and when he was on Doctor Who.

Plus Art asks Mark and Jeremy which is the best of the three films in the original trilogy. Art had a debate with Jakob from another Simply Syndicated podcast Nerd Hurdles to debate if Empire Strikes Back sucks or rules. Art took the rules side and Jakob took the sucks side. The episode was a bonus episode and not everyone heard it. Jakob wrote an article a while back defending his case and now Art defends his case with asking actors from the actual films!