MON – Episode 2.12 – What We've Watched On Summer Vacation (Live!)

On our first ever show taped in front of a live online audience, we chat with Vince from about all the fine and not-so-fine flicks we've seen so far this summer and then some.  We cover Transformers 2, The Hangover, The Hurt Locker, Bruno, plus the Friday The 13th remake, Death Proof, Italian Spider-man plus two special call-ins, we learn the chatroom is funnier than us and a whole little more.  Here is Jay on  Rotten Tomatoes: Click Here.  Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 1: Click Here. 'Grindhouse' Trailers - Werewolf Women, Don't, Thanksgiving: Click Here.  'Machete' Trailer: Click here   The two second Air Punching guy and article from Filmdrunk: Click Here

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