MASTERS OF NONE 2.16- Lessons Learned From John Hughes Films

John Hughes, not just a film director, writer & producer, but a teacher to all children of the 80's.  These are Life Lessons We've Learned From John Hughes Movies, recorded live.  Also check out the fine review of our show at Edgy Podcast Reviews and our new blog at MastersOfNoneShow.BlogSpot.Com. It's ceremonial. Here is the bonus material: The Best of Ferris Bueller: Click Here! John Hughes 80s Montage: Click Here! WEIRD SCIENCE: Click Here Chevy Chase National Lampoon's Vacation sandwich clip: Click Here! Christmas Vacation where Clark gets his "bonus": Click Here! The Great Outdoors Hot Dogs Secret Ingredients: Click Here! Breakfast Club Dancing to Pinback: Click Here! Uncle Buck Click Here! Home Alone: Click Here!

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