Masters Of None- Worst to First- Game Shows*

We rank the classic (*Mark Goodson Television Production) Game Shows from Worst to First.  We're talkin' Family Fued, Card Sharks, Match Game, The Price is Right, What's My Line and then some.  Plus some behind-the-scenes stories from Mike's time working on Hollywood Squares on The Price is Right set,   the original Dawson, Rod Roddy's Ghost, and the return of Art, who chalks up another walk-off.  Watch the YouTubes to get the feel for the shows if you're not familiar and come on down... Here are the clips of each show. Get your popcorn ready! The clips are in order from First to Worst. The Price is Right: Clip One, Clip Two, Clip Three Family Feud: Clip One, Clip Two, Clip Three. Match Game: Clip One Card Sharks: Clip One Super Password: Clip One Classic Concentration: Clip One (The British Version Catch Phrase, with a dirty puzzle? (Click hereBeat the Clock: Clip One What's My Line Clip One To Tell The Truth: Clip One I’ve Got A Secret: Clip One.

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