MASTERS OF NONE 3.12-Kevin Smith Movies- Worst To First

Kevin Smith movies are the topic dujour, ranked Worst to First in true Masters Of None style.  It's our Christmas present to you by way of Roberty from the Simply Syndicated forum, who suggested it.  We'll also delve in to our colossal failure of a Kevin Smith Fest, Mike getting humiliated by the man himself and a whole lot more. Time to kick back, drink some beers and shmoke some weed...
Bonus Material- Check out our ill-fated con at  For the record, the complete Food Menu was: Veronica’s Homemade Lasagna, Egg-a-Mooby Muffins, (Not Free) Gatorade, Milk, Soda (in Brodie Style Dixie Cups), Chocolate Covered Pretzels, New Cookie From The Cookie Stand, & Pringles.  Drink specials- Holy Bartenders & Swallowable Tequila. The contest we left out was Magic Eye Art Speed Seeing.  Here's some pics, click for bigger.