MON – 3.3- Halloween Costume Do’s And Dont’s

Here's how to not look a fool on Halloween.  Tips, tricks and  hardfast golden rules on how to be the coolest one at the costume party.  Or, how to get chased and beat down by Cobra Kai.  You only get one shot at this every year.  Don't blow it.  (Also, please vote for us for People's Choice & Comedy ((and all the other SS shows too!)) at Podcast

Bonus Material: The Worst Costumes Ever. Click Here! Bad Smurfs. Click Here! Sexy Tin Man? WTF! Click Here! DOWN FOR THE COUNT! Click Here! Bumblebee that transforms into a car! Click Here! Inspecter gadget with propeller head. Click here! Angus AC/DC Costume. Click Here! Laser school photo. Click Here! All Valley Referee Karate Kid t-shirt. Click Here! That Diesel shirtless saxophone guy in Lost Boys. Click Here! Giant Penis & Vagina Costume. Click Here! Jay's Fred Durst Costume. Click Here! Two puppies are getting dresed up as Princess Leia and Darth Vader. Click Here! Art's Trip to NY Comic Con part 2. Click Here! 25 Hilarious Examples of Parents Saving Money on Costumes. Click Here!

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