MON – 3.4- Top 8 & 1/2 Cereals of All Time

Cereal.  God's gift to breakfast.  These are the Top 8 & 1/2 Cereals of All Time.  Plus All-Star cereal mascots, the FBI's new cereal program and the world's most dangerous cereal. And somehow it goes out with a filthy bang.

Bonus Material: Pac-Man TV commercial: Click Here! C-3POs TV commercial: Click Here! Old school cereal memory lane: Click Here! Urkel O's cereal TV commercial: Click Here! Nintendo 2 Cereals in one- Mario and Zelda: Click Here! Ghostbusters- Bad Cereal, Bad Commercial but the box does glow in the dark! Click Here! Bill and Ted's Excellent Cereal: Click Here!

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