MASTERS OF NONE 4.1- People We’d Like To Punch In The Face

We'd really like to punch some people in the face.  Face is too easy though, so we came up with something better.  And we were going to make it our Top 8 & 1/2 People We'd Like To Punch In The Face, but there were too many.  By the way, this show kicks off our 4th season.  We thought we'd be cancelled by now.

Bonus stuff: Patriots Coach Bill Belichick's Bully Throws TV Camera Guy to Ground after loss to Colts? You Decide: Click Here! Snookie Street Fighter Punch Video: Click Here! Kick Ass  movie teaser trailer: Click Here! Tooth Fairy Trailer: Click Here! Artie Lange schooling Joe Buck on his talk show: Click Here! Brad's video where he shoots his car: Click Here!


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