6.8: Best & Worst Internet Sensations Of All Time

The guys from Holy Taco.com join us in discussing the best and worst internet sensations, stars, memes, trends and celebrities of all time.  We also just added the info on how to be a part of our MoNster media folder at our site MastersOfNone.comBONUS MATERIAL: Here's links to a lot of the stuff we talked about, most NSFW- Keenan Cahill Car Commercial Interior Semiotics Lazytown/Lil Jon Mashup Smell Yo D#$k Pu$$y Be Yankin Juggalo Funeral Evolution of Dance Rebecca Black "Friday" David Hasslehoff "Hooked On A Feeling" Chris Crocker Britney Cryer Ghetto Leprechaun Bling Bling the Crackhead