Priority One Distress Call

In the last couple of months my wife, Emily, fell and tore her meniscus in her knee, then we found out that our landlord has to sell our house and we must move. We thought we could handle it, but our health insurance only covers a fraction of the cost of surgery, and we have to come up with over $1000 just for the doctor and surgery center. This puts our ability to move into someplace safe for our 7 year old daughter in grave jeopardy, so I have had to swallow my pride and come to you wonderful people for help. Moving will also cost between $1-2000, so anything you can do to help will be deeply appreciated. I am trying to find a part time job to supplement our income, but so far no one wants to hire a 54 year old to stock shelves. Emily's surgery is supposed to happen on the 28th of September (we were unaware that the surgery center would demand cash up front despite us having health insurance) so please help if you can. Thank you so much! We love you all!!!