SB66:Episode 97-The Devil in Fiction

This week Greg from the Inappropriate Conversations podcast returns to aid Ro Karen and the Admiral in a discussion of the diabolic one himself as he...or she...appears in movies/TV shows/ books, and even music.

Show notes:

As some listeners may know, it was about as hot as the Devil's jockstrap in many parts of the Alpha Quadrant this summer, and that heat got to many of us...including the intrepid crew of the Starbase. So while Kennedy high-tailed it to Hoth to cover their annual Rebel Alliance "Yavin a Laugh" comedy festival and wampa roast (Copyright HGN), the Admiral and Ro clicked the central cooling up to 11, popped open some cold ones, and summoned the sweltering sauna of sinfulness with some Satanic synergy. And lots of sibilance.

To help them along, the Starbase crew welcome back Greg, GAB on the Simply Syndicated forum and host of the Inappropriate Conversations podcast.

(Some might think that Greg was the perfect choice for this particular topic because of his impressive religious knowledge. Ro knows that it's because of his infliction of the Roddenberry Pilots on the Starbase. That was just EVIL.)

First, though, the Borg want us to know that our moon might have been lying to us all this time about its age (we always suspected that was a fake ID). Also, the Starbase crew is extremely honored to have been nominated by one our Swedish listeners for "Bästa utländska kanal" (which we hope means "Best Foreign Podcast") in the 2011 Svenska Podradiopriset. It really is an honor just to be nominated. However, the crew would not be averse to winning. Especially if the award is a shipment of Swedish fish. Or meatballs.

Then it's on to the tainted topic of terror as this week's trio discuss some of the greatest depictions of the Devil in movies, television, and Clay-mation, starting with smelly Klingons and giving the lissome Devil her Lycra-d due, down through the Doctor's Satan Pit, horny Tim Curry, Alan Cumming, implied Devil, epicene evil, Dio's devilish logo, don't dial 976-EVIL on the Admiral's dime, Damien Thorn and birth control advertisements, Tilda Swinton brings sexyback to androgyny, "Christian picketing" is really Hollywood's best-kept marketing secret, and listening to "Stairway to Heaven" backward will Jack. You. Up.


Finally, the crew of the Starbase would like to formally introduce you all to our newest member and the Admiral's pride and joy...'tis the Starbaby herself! Congratulations, Admiral!


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