A commentary on the Batman series from the 1960’s featuring the guys from the Masters of None podcast. Bat Channel 66 also features interviews from some of the stars and creators of the Batman series as well as long time celebrity fans.


Green Ice/Deep Freeze

Mr. Freeze is back! Although is it really Mr. Freeze or a cold imposter? No it's him. But his eyebrows are out of control as are his plans to take over Gotham. Will Batman defeat him in time? Find out... WILD!!!

Hizzonner the Penguin/Dizzoner the Penguin

An oddly timely episode where the Penguin uses every dirty trick in the book to try and become the next Mayor of Gotham City. But Batman has a plan... Become his opponent! Will flashy talk and dancing girls or honest talk on the serious issues facing the city win over the people of Gotham?

The Devil’s Fingers/The Dead Ringers

Who is the last person you would expect to be not one but TWO criminal masterminds lurking the streets of Gotham? Of course it's Liberace. Can Batman and Robin stop the twinned thug from tickling the ivories on crime and corruption?

The Clock King’s Crazy Crimes / The Clock King Gets Crowned

The Clock King enters Gotham with a bit of a chip on his shoulder and a penchant for pocket watches. Can the Caped Crusaders escape the fiendish clutches of the Titan of Time?

Batman The Movie

Sometimes you just can't get rid of a bomb. The caped crusaders take on not one but FOUR super villains in the classic film that took place between the first and second season.

The Greatest Mother of Them All / Ma Parker

What do you get when you cross Ma Kettle with John Dillinger? Ma Parker of course and she's arrived in Gotham City to enjoy the fruits of her labor when it comes to a convoluted scheme she's running. Can the dynamic duo sidestep her plans and outwit her? Let's be honest, the answer is yes. But it's still fun to see how.

The Spell Of Tut / Tut’s Case is Shut

Oh Tut. We love the Tut episodes and in this one is just as good as the last one. This episode is a cross between Jurassic Park, The Mummy and Lethal Weapon. Well maybe only two of those.

The Minstrel’s Shakedown / Barbecued Batman?

What do you get when a Lute playing psychopath comes to Gotham? No - not a Sting concert: It's THE MINSTREL!!! And he's without a doubt the most worthy opponent Batman has faced yet.

Hot Off the Griddle / The Cat and the Fiddle

It's nine lives for Catwoman as she returns from the dead to wreak havoc on all the precious cat-pun treasures of Gotham. The Dynamic Duo race into action but not before things get a little too hot... under the cowl. (ugh I hate myself for typing that)

Shoot a Crooked Arrow / Walk the Straight and Narrow

We're back for season two! A brand new villain terrorizes Gotham in the premiere episode of the second season. There's some new tricks, new sets, new gadgets but same ol' Batman. Pure West.