A commentary on the Batman series from the 1960’s featuring the guys from the Masters of None podcast. Bat Channel 66 also features interviews from some of the stars and creators of the Batman series as well as long time celebrity fans.


Return of the Caped Crusaders – Batman vs Two-Face

Before we dive utility belt first into the final season, we first watch the brand new movie now on demand

A Piece of the Action / Batman’s Satisfaction

Green Hornet and Kato visits Gotham City to check out the new Wegman's that just opened downtown. After taking one too many free samples of ranch flavored tater tots, Batman sets up a sting to catch him once and for all.

Catwoman Goes to College / Batman Displays His Knowledge

Julie, Julie, Julie. We are certainly going to miss you around here. For her last romp through Gotham City, Julie Newmar as Catwoman absolutely kills it as an incoming college freshman. Will Batman see her through to graduation? Can she pay off her student loans in time? One way to find out.

The Joker’s Last Laugh / The Joker’s Epitaph

This one is about the Joker and his Joker Mobile. Which is ridiculous. It also probably features Alfred doing most of the heavy lifting and Batman and Robin getting all the credit. Kinda like Inspector Gadget. Man I hated that show.

Batman’s Anniversary / A Riddling Controversy

Gee Riddler. You look different. You do something with your hair? Lose some weight? Turn into Gomez Addams? Oh well. Batman doesn't have time for guessing games, he's got an anniversary to celebrate.

The Zodiac Crimes / The Joker’s Hard Times / The Penguin Declines

A three parter where the Joker and the Penguin team up to remodel the Riddler's new kitchen cabinets as a house-warming gift. No I'm sorry, that's not it at all. Honestly these were great episodes with two of the best as the guest villains.

The Contaminated Cowl/The Mad Hatter Runs Afoul

Finally. The Mad Hatter returns to Gotham and he's got a bucket load of Factories and Emporiums well in tow. Can the dynamic duo chase this madman out of our fair city before he does something related to hats. Or hatting. Or haberdashery. OK I'm just rambling now.

The Sandman Cometh/The Catwoman Goeth

It's your classic

The Puzzles are Coming / The Duo is Slumming

You know what this show could use? Another villain who leaves puzzles around Gotham City. Oh you got one? Oh his name is The Puzzler? Bit on the nose, isn't it? Whatever dude, Batman and Robin will get him I'm sure of it.

The Cat’s Meow / The Bat’s Kow-Tow

A kiss to build a dream on. That's my Catwoman. Batman is no match this episode for the sultry sounds of the cat's meow. I'm sorry, what happened? I'm sweating.