A commentary on the Batman series from the 1960’s featuring the guys from the Masters of None podcast. Bat Channel 66 also features interviews from some of the stars and creators of the Batman series as well as long time celebrity fans.


The Ogg Couple

Man oh man. This was the third episode with Egghead and Olga and it was definitely the table scraps episode. An omelet of indifference if you would.

Catwoman’s Dressed To Kill

Remember Catwoman? Well you wont remember her like this! Eartha Kitt stars as the feline femme fatale. Oooo I impressed myself there with that alliteration.

The Londinium Larcenies/Foggiest Notion/Bloody Tower

Batman and Robin go to England to find that the 1% get their kicks by stealing fancy things. All Batman wanted to do was check out some dude's lawn. Bloody hell!

Surfs Up! Joker’s Under!

Joker is determined to become king of the surf and there's nothing to stop him but our heroes and quite possibly a fear of water. We also talk with Johnny Green who was the lead singer of Johnny Green and Green Men which was featured in this episode. Hang Ten! Or eleven, whatever it takes.

The Ogg and I / How to Hatch A Dinosaur

Egg puns and commies - that's what this episode is about. Oh and hatching a dinosaur for some reason. Spared no expense.

Louie The Lilac

The rumors are true about Milton Burle... He's the notorious flower gangster Louie the Lilac in this episode. What did you think I was talking about? Oh really? You're a sick individual.

The Unkindest Tut of All

Looks like someone bonked a professor in the head again. Tut is back in all his overacting glory. Ten bucks says this episode has something to do with ancient Egypt. Good thing Barbara Gordon studies it in her spare time while talking to her pet bird like a crazy person.

The Sport of Penguins / A Horse of Another Color

Penguin is back with a sidekick...kind of. Lola Lasagna puts in a sub par performance in these two episodes as there's some kind of caper going on with umbrellas and horse jockeys and whatever. We see Batgirl on a horse- So there's that.

The Wail of the Siren

Sometimes a villain comes along that makes you question why you even got into crime fighting in the first place. You almost root for them to succeed. Such is the case with The Siren. She's dreamy.

Ring Around The Riddler

Gorshin is back!!! HUZZAH!!! HUZAAAAH!!!! Riddler decides to get super odd and ends up boxing Batman. Yeah season three starts to get real weird real fast.