A commentary on the Batman series from the 1960’s featuring the guys from the Masters of None podcast. Bat Channel 66 also features interviews from some of the stars and creators of the Batman series as well as long time celebrity fans.


Death in Slow Motion / The Riddler’s False Notion

Riddle me this?! What has poison banana creme pies and a hot sidekick? In this episode, The Riddler returns with a plan to take down the dynamic duo with nothing more than a couple of pastries and a stint in silent film production. Doesn't anyone just rob banks anymore?

The Bookworm Turns / While Gotham City Burns

What happens when you're a well read nut ball with criminal aspirations? Why you're The Bookworm of course! Come watch as he terrorizes Gotham with the AWESOME POWER OF..... books.

The Curse of Tut / The Pharaoh’s in a Rut

After being hit on the head, an established Yale professor becomes the evil criminal mastermind - King Tut. In his debut episode, Tut launching havoc on the unsuspecting citizens of Gotham and only the Dynamic Duo can save them.

Joker Trumps an Ace / Batman Sets the Pace

The Joker returns to steal a bunch of weird trinkets and to terrorize Gotham. Batman and Robin spring to action but they're in for a treat as the Joker's party planning committee was working overtime this episode. Streamers for everyone!

The Purr-fect Crime / Better Luck Next Time

The very first appearance of Catwoman is a memorable one. Not only are there cat puns a plenty but we get a taste of Robin's passion for learning new languages.

True or False-Face / Holy Rat Race

The holidays are officially over so we're back with the next episode in season one and the one and only appearance of that master of disguise - False-Face! How many pounds of knockout powder were used in this episode? Find out!

Return of the Caped Crusader

Holy Acetate Batman! - The Return of the Caped Crusader is out now and we decided to take a quick break from the series to discuss this amazing new full length animated feature.

The Joker Goes To School – He Meets His Match The Grisly Ghoul

The Joker is back and this time, he's going after the youth of Gotham City. At least, we think he is. Not really sure. Can the Caped Crusaders stop him before it's too late? My guess is they will since there are so many more episodes to go.

The Thirteenth Hat / Batman Stands Pat

There's a new villain in town and his name is the Mad Hatter. We go over his dastardly deeds along with a specious accent that comes and goes as he pleases.

A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away / When the Rat’s Away the Mice Will Play

We're back and so is The Riddler. This week, the prince of puzzles terrifies the citizens of Gotham City with another crazy caper that the Dynamic Duo is sure to foil.