There are some things that Albums You Should Hear just can’t do justice. One of those things is Metal. For the metal fans amongst you Simply Syndicated proudly presents For Those About To Rock. A show covering all things metallic.


FTATR RockPod 15

Number 15! A slightly more Alt Rock & Indie flair to this one.
Cheers to all the contributors for the use of their hard work.

Like The Sun by Jon Tessier- 1:05
Jon Tessier - Official
Not Too Much by Vapor Void - 5:17
Losing Feeling by Them Animals - 9.52
Them Animals - Official
Lazy Lizard by Al’Z - 14:37
The Biggest Wave by Rostock - 19:50
If 6 Was 9 by The Anthropophobia Project - 24:29
The Anthropophobia Project @ Bandcamp
Miracle by The Thieves - 29:24
The Village by the Sea by Plastic Poetry - 34:29
Gold 99 by After Alice - 38:48
After Alice - Official
Einstein by CaptainSIB - 43:51

Death of the Gospel Man by Black Fire Horizon 48.25

FTATR RockPod 14

Rock Pod number 14. Independent Metal for your ears.
Many thanks to all the contributing artists. Find your favourites and follow. Please feel free to repost, like and spread the love.

1:24 - March of Tears by Ill Fated Natives
Ill Fated Natives - Official
7:04 - King of the World by RobotsAndMonsters
RobotsAndMonsters - Official
11:55 - Reflection by Follow No One
Follow No One - Official
16:50 - Evil Heart by Black Star
Black Star - Official
21:11 - Chimera by Exzoust
Exzoust @ Bandcamp

26:12 - Ghost by Consume The Divide

30:47 - Follow by Prey For You
Prey For You @ Bandcamp
35:39 - Retox by None More Evil
None More Evil @ Bandcamp
40:08 - The Drowned by Barricade
Barricade - Official

43:49 - Dr Doom by Kormorana

48:48 - Evil Within by Decay

FTATR RockPod 13

11 independent Rock & Metal tracks on RockPod Number 13! Second post due to some tech issues. Thanks to all the artists who donated their hard work. Support your local band.

1:11 - Let's Get A Little High by The Legendary
The Legendary @ Bandcamp
5:20 - Too Much by Verity White
Verity White @ Patreon
9:23 - Lee Harvey Oswald by kimono
kimono @ Wikipedia
14:07 - New Kids by The Wicked Notions
The Wicked Notions Official
17:59 - March of Youth by Official
23:11 - Wake Up by Embrace Eleonora
Embrace Eleonora @ Bandcamp
28.39 - Fight to Stay Alive by The Outliers
33:28 - Rollin' by Solarium
39.37 - Filhos da Revolta by Levianos Desmemoriados
44:11 - Lost My Heaven by Devil Rabbitz
Devil Rabbitz @ itunes
49.09 - Congratulations by Ghost

FTATR RockPod 12

Episode 12, Rocking & Independent.
Many thanks to the artists that donated their hard work.

Zireael @ Bandcamp
Are We Static
Pata De Cobra @ Facebook
Tali Dennerstein @ Bandcamp
Red Solar @ Facebook
Storm King
Adham Roshdy
Sages of the Subway @ Facebook
Julian Jasper @ Facebook
Streek @ Bandcamp
Black Pussy @ Bandcamp
Confused Head

FTATR RockPod 11

This one goes up to eleven.
Thanks for all the contributions, support your local music scene.

Fifth Friend
From the Cave
Four King Ace @ CDBaby
Zedi Forder
Landslide @ Bandcamp
The New Black - Facebook
Killbite @ Bandcamp
Dark Sky Park
Akasha - Facebook
Stone Age Man
Professor Electric's Pandemonium Shadow Show @ Bandcamp
Collecting Pool - Facebook

FTATR RockRadio 10

A big thank you to all the bands who donated their hard work for our tenth instalment.

Empyre - Official
The Makeshift Project - Facebook
Wolf Cellar - Bandcamp
Character Assassins - Facebook
Hunters - Facebook
Feral Sun - Official
The Rogue Network - Facebook
The Campbell Apartment - Bandcamp
Mindbomb - Facebook
Eva Plays Dead - Official
Ki - Official
Burstage - Facebook
Scars of Sense - Facebook
AnKou - Bandcamp

FTATR RockRadio9

Number 9 in your ears.
Support your local Rock n Metal

Jimi Moraes - Facebook
Jasper Dan - Facebook
Alex Braun
Smokestone - Facebook
Ансамбль Пятый Корпус - Facebook
Panic Island
Living Core - Facebook
Fad- Facebook
Screech Bats - Facebook
Nuclear Oath - Facebook
Evil Tea - Facebook
Funeral Disco- Facebook

FTATR RockRadio8

Welcome 2017 with some Independent Rock n' Metal

A Sense Of Dread - Facebook
Pulverise - Facebook
Six Nuts - Official
Yur Mum - Official
Blind Fire Rebels - Facebook
The J Conspiracy - Official
The Living Strange - Facebook
The Mighty Wraith - Official
Wooden Nomad - Bandcamp
Rapture - Bandcamp
Astrometrics - Bandcamp

FTATR RockRadio7

Ah the sweet sound of number 7.
Happy Holidays to one and all from For Those About To Rock.

Atlas Cube
Gate Of Doom
The Drew Raven Project
Bull Funk Zoo
Brightlight City
Il Mostro
Heavy Lies The Crown
Mr Bad Luck

And Now We Ride by Sellsword

The sallied forth against the enemy of dull rock. Join Sellsword as they ride into battle! Find them on and CONSUME!!!!!

Get some Sellsword

All Episodes

1. Powerslave by Iron Maiden
2. Metallica by Metallica
3. Indestructible by Disturbed
4. Appetite for Destruction by Guns n Roses
5. The Book of Heavy Metal by Dream Evil
6. IV by Led Zeppelin
7. Youthanasia by Megadeth
8. Mutter by Rammstein
9. Epica & The Black Halo by Kamelot
10. Ozzmosis by Ozzy Osbourne
11. Blackbird by Alter Bridge
12. Back in Black by AC/DC
13. Painkiller by Judas Priest
14. The Real Thing by Faith No More
15. Cowboys From Hell by Pantera
16. Break Like The Wind by Spinal Tap
17. Redefine by Soil
18. Facelift by Alice in Chains
19. Accident Of Birth by Bruce Dickinson
20. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath
21. Faceless by Godsmack
22. Powertrip by Monster Magnet
23. Tenth Dimension by Blaze
24. Out Of Exile by Audioslave
25. Devil’s Ground by Primal Fear
26. How To Make Friends And Influence People by Terrorvision
27. For Those About To Baby!
28. Keep Control & Lower Level Living by Ten Dollar Fi$t
29. Shot To Hell by Black Label Society
30. Happy Rockmas Everyone!
31. Hellbilly Deluxe by Rob Zombie
32. The Dark Ride by Helloween
33. Last Look At Eden by Europe
34. Down To Earth by Rainbow
35. Toxicity by System Of A Down
36. America’s Volume Dealer by Corrosion of Conformity
37. Born In Hell by Viking Skull
38. Blood Sugar Sex Magik by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
39. Dragonlord Tales Of The Nobel Steel by Domine
40. A Covers Show
41. Rage Against The Machine by Rage Against The Machine
42. Fire by Electric Six
43. For Those About To Mock
44. Gimmie Back My Bullets by Lynyrd Skynryd
45. Nevermind by Nirvana
46. American Idiot by Green Day
47. Come What Ever May by Stone Sour
48. Hey Stoopid by Alice Cooper
49. Superunknown by Soundgarden
50. Dio Special
51. Everyday Demons by The Answer
136. Revenge For The Ruthless by Revoker
137. The Empires Of The World by Biomechanical
138. Rize of the Fenix by Tenacious D
139. Wolfmother by Wolfmother
140. Sonic Temple by The Cult
141. Omerta by Adrenaline Mob
142. The Positive Pressure (Of Injustice) by Extrema
143. Glow by Reef
144. Plague of Conscience by Savage Messiah
145. Come Find Yourself by The Fun Lovin’ Criminals
146. The Queen, the Night and the Liars by Tenafly Viper
147. Skunkworks by Bruce Dickinson
148. The Hunt by Grand Magus
149. Mother’s Finest Special
150. Advance and Vanquish by 3 Inches of Blood
151. Levellers by the Levellers
152. FTATR Drinking Game & Quiz
153. Danzig by Danzig
154. House of Gold and Bones pt 1 by Stone Sour
155. Apocalyptic Love by Slash
156. King Animal by Soundgarden
157. For Those About To Ayres Rock
158. Dark Hours by Lion’s Share
159. Chinatown by Thin Lizzy
160. Ocean Machine:Biomech by Devin Townsend
161. Cartoon Rock a Christmas Special
162. Balls Out by Steel Panther
163. Blast Tyrant by Clutch
164. In Metal by Bill Bailey
165. Mob Rules by Black Sabbath
166. Fire of Unknown Origin by Blue Oyster Cult
167. Vulgar Display of Power by Pantera
168. Wisconsin Death Trip by Static X
169. Dizzy Up The Girl by The Goo Goo Dolls
170. Silverthorn by Kamelot
171. Folklore And Superstition by Black Stone Cherry
172. Apocryphon by The Sword
173. Sacrifice by Saxon
174. Declaration of Independence by The Specs
175. Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor by Rob Zombie
176. Now What?! By Deep Purple
177. Device by Device