Simply Syndicated Gaming News is the child of Tech It Or Leave It and Simply Syndicated Movie News. It’s news, about gaming.

Join Rich, Emma, and Mike, to find talk about games, gaming, gaming news, video games, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and other gaming related things that can be turned into hashtags.

No matter what’s happening, we’ll always try and make a show where we talk about gaming news, and that show will be by Simply Syndicated. I bet you’re thinking that it took us ages to come up with the name for the show.

Sometimes we have a competition to win a game. This week you can win Burnout Paradise Remastered for PS4 or Xbox. To enter, follow us on Twitter or Facebook (you’ll find links at the bottom of this website), and share our post about the release of our latest episode. We’ll pick a winner from the people who share. You’ll find links to the specific social media posts in the shownotes for the episode.


The 54th Simply Syndicated Gaming News

Nintendo will be Nintendo.

More stuff to fiddle with.

AOB (Any Old Bollocks)

The 53rd Simply Syndicated Gaming News

Here's your gaming news!

Feels good in your hand.

Ruins peoples day.

Can take a while.

Gets complicated when money’s involved.

Makes you very happy.

The 52nd Simply Syndicated Gaming News

I edited this episode, got a phone call after I exported it, and totally forgot to post it.

Section I

Part B

The Third Act

The 51st Simply Syndicated Gaming News

Here's more of that gaming news stuff.

The Headings Have Melted

The 50th Simply Syndicated Gaming News

Pipe Cleaning

The Loner

I’m All For Diversity, But...

Guff & Stuff

The 49th Simply Syndicated Gaming News

We wanted to do a show that was all the gaming news that wasn't E3 related, so we did.

The 48th Simply Syndicated Gaming News

The one with all the E3 2018.

The 47th Simply Syndicated Gaming News

It's all the before E3 stuff.




The 2018 Electronics Entertainment Expo, live from the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, U.S.

The 46th Simply Syndicated Gaming News

The Big Three


The 45th Simply Syndicated Gaming News

hear us do that thing we do.

Not so secret secrets.

Little plastic boxes.

News about games.

This podcast may not be disassembled under any circumstances.


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