“Have you ever thought what it’s like to be wanderers in the fourth dimension? Have you? To be exiles…?” – The First Doctor

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy is Simply Syndicated’s foray into the worlds of Doctor Who, Britain’s longest running science fiction franchise. Hosted by Emma Foster and Michael Mould, they talk all things Who, from the Classic Series to modern times, including essential episodes, reviews, controversial discussions and the occasional sweary rant.


124. What Do You Call This Look, Junkyard Chic?

Kitbashed Daleks, Chekhov’s microwave combi-oven and a strange tangent about typography are the order of the day as Emma and Mike take a look at the New Year’s Day special, “Resolution”.

122. And There’s Me Thinking the Day Had No More Surprises Left

Emma and Mike pine for the fjords as they review “It Takes You Away”.

121. If We’re Not Being Drowned, We’re Being Patronised to Death

Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? Wouldst thou like a review of “The Witchfinders”?

120. Well, You’ve Certainly Got the Clipboard for It

Recommendations for you in Simply Syndicated podcasts: The latest episode of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, as Emma and Mike mull over Doctor Who’s subtle-as-a-punch-to-the-face swipe at Amazon. Delivery fulfilled. And remember - if you want it, Kerb!am it!

119. Love, In All Its Forms, Is the Most Powerful Weapon We Have

The Partition of India looms large as the Doctor and company encounter the Demons of the Punjab.

118. I’d Say It Was More of a Volume Than a Chapter, Just So You Know

May the saints of all the stars and constellations bring you hope, as they guide you out of the dark and into the light. On this voyage and the next, and all the journeys still to come. For now, and ever more.

117. You Can’t Be President If You Fire Yaz’s Mum!

Emma and Mike discuss some eight legged freaks as they review “Arachnids in the UK” by Chris Chibnall.

116. We Have to Not Help Her

A daring episode on the racism of the Deep South of America in the ‘50s and the woman who took a stand against it, Emma and Mike discuss “Rosa” by Malorie Blackman and Chris Chibnall.

115. Come To Daddy… I Mean Mummy

Take your meds and grab your route trackers as Emma and Mike head to Desolation to review “The Ghost Monument”.

114. Tim Shaw Is A Big, Blue Cheat

Jodie Whittaker has finally arrived as the Thirteenth Doctor, so it’s time for Emma and Mike to share their thoughts on her debut episode, “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”.