“Have you ever thought what it’s like to be wanderers in the fourth dimension? Have you? To be exiles…?” – The First Doctor

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy is Simply Syndicated’s foray into the worlds of Doctor Who, Britain’s longest running science fiction franchise. Hosted by Emma Foster and Michael Mould, they talk all things Who, from the Classic Series to modern times, including essential episodes, reviews, controversial discussions and the occasional sweary rant.


TGSITG 75: Series Four Retrospective

Emma and Mike sing songs of the Doctor-Donna.

TGSITG 74: Top Five Favourite Modern Cliffhangers

Continuing from where they left off, Emma and Mike turn their eyes (and list-making skills) to the episode enders of recent years.

TGSITG 73: Top Five Favourite Classic Cliffhangers

Which dose of end-of-episode danger will come out on top? Tune in to our next episode to find out! (Okay, not really.)

TGSITG 72: Bad News, Everyone

In this episode, Emma and Mike pay tribute to the late, great John Hurt and discuss the impending departure of Peter Capaldi. SIGH.

TGSITG 71: The Armageddon Factor

The pieces are almost in place, as Emma and Mike discuss the last story and give their final thoughts on the Key to Time.

TGSITG 70: I’ve Been Away For A While, But I’m Back

Emma and Mike don their masks and wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes as they discuss the 2016 Christmas special The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

TGSITG 69: A Brief History Of Doctor Who Charity Specials

With the annual Children in Need telethon event having been broadcast recently in the UK, Emma and Mike take a look back over Doctor Who's involvement with it, as well as those made for the biennial Comic Relief.

It unfortunately meant we were forced to watch Dimensions in Time, so we hope you're happy.

TGSITG 68: The Power Of Kroll

Dig out your waders, because we're off to the third moon of Delta Magna on the quest for the fifth segment of the Key to Time!

TGSITG 67: Class

Class is now in session, so Emma and Mike share their thoughts on the latest spin-off from Doctor Who. Will it graduate with flying colours, or is it more a case of "must try harder"?

TGSITG 66: The Androids Of Tara

Emma (not an android) and Mike (possibly an android) don their fashionable purple outfits and head to a realm of intrigue (and androids) as they continue on their journey through the Key to Time season with The Androids of Tara.

(Did we mention androids?)