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EP 15.15 – Season Finale Freestyle

We're back for a hot minute to put a bow on season 15 and boy do we have a surprise for you...

MoN Presents – Posers Guide to The EU Referendum

With the historic decision for England to leave the EU, a lot of questions have come up. In this episode, we talk with Simply Syndicated's own Richard Smith to find out what exactly is going on, what it all means, and how it will affect normal all of us.

EP 15.14 – Freestyle

Mike and Art are joined by musician and fellow podcaster Rob Jennings of Comic Book Seduction to discuss some of the finer things in life... OK mainly music and comics.

EP 15.13 – Top 8.5 TV Theme Songs

The TV Show Theme Song is a magnificent thing. All it once it can drum up nostalgia of years gone by. Elicit emotion of pure joy and fun from one of your favorite shows of all time. Here we reach back into our memory banks to remember the ones that stick out the best for all of us.

EP 15.12 – Marvel Studios Movies Worst To FIrst

Captain America: Civil War hit theaters and sent shockwaves through the MCU as well as comic book movies in general. Marvel movies have been killing it since Iron Man and now is as good a time as any to rank them from worst to first for your listening pleasure.

Death Star Morning Show

In an attempt to capitalize on the Star Wars hysteria that has gripped the nation, we're reposting our Death Star Morning Radio Show that took place on the day the Death Star met its faithful end.

Batman Vs. Superman Review

After the dust has now begun to settle from the big release of Batman vs. Superman, we get to weigh in on what we thought of the flick as well as dive into our thoughts on Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Civil War and basically every other of the four thousand comic movies coming out later this year. This is spoiler heavy so if you haven't seen it yet, you've been warned.

We Know Celebrities – “Slingshot” Director Paul Lazarus

One of the most compelling documentaries currently on Netflix is "Slingshot" - The story of Dean Kamen and his quest to make clean drinking water available for the entire planet with one simple invention. We were fortunate enough to sit down with director Paul Lazarus and talk about the movie, as well as Dean's progress following the completion of the film.

EP 15.11 – NBA All Ugly Team

It's time to get sexy as we go over some of the worst looking players to ever grace the court as pros. It's hard to box out a box troll.

EP 15.10 – Top 8.5 Burger Chains

Who doesn't love a good burger? And with a bunch to choose from, it's not difficult to become a connoisseur of the big and not-so-big burger chains real quick. So we throw our two cents as to which burger chain is the best around.