After there was Star Trek, slightly before there were X Files, and after Back To The Future, there was Quantum Leap. Probably one of the greatest science fiction television shows ever created. To give this masterpiece the attention it deserves Rich and Scott will be analysing each and every episode, from the very beginning.

It’s time to step into the quantum leap accelerator and vanish.


9. Play It Again Seymour

Rich and Scott talk about Sam becoming a small-time detective who looks just like Humphrey Bogart in 1953, and him being suspected of murdering his partner. Also, utter rubbish. They also talk about utter rubbish.

8. Camikazi Kid

Rich and Scott talk about Sam leaping into the body of a gawky teenager to keep the boy's older sister from marrying an abusive alcoholic. Taking advice from Al, Sam hopes to reveal the young man's true nature by challenging him to a drag race.

7. The Colour Of Truth

As the black chauffeur of an elderly southern woman, Sam must overcome prejudice to prevent the death of a black woman.

6. Double Identity

Rich and Scott talk about Sam leaping into a mafia hit-man who may not live long since he is romancing the godfather's girlfriend. Also an attempt to bring Sam home causes the 1965 east coast blackout.

5. How the Tess Was Won

I think Sam has pigs in this one.

4. The Right Hand of God

This one's about boxing. I may also have incorrectly named the episode as The Hand of God on the podcast feed. Rather than reupload things, I thought I'd just tell you about it here.

3. Our Quantum Leap

Rich and Scott come up with ideas for their own version of Quantum Leap. Mainly because we needed to keep our episode numbers in check with the episodes of the series.

2. Star-Crossed

Sam meets his wife when she was Teri Hatcher.

1. Pilot

Rich and Scott are here to begin their journey through the world of Quantum Leap.