Did you ever stop to think just what might happen if you kept asking for Paddy to have his own show? You ended up getting it.

This is Paddy’s look at the world of television. In each episode he takes a long hard look at some of the best and worst of television to let you know what you should be watching and why. The genres are far ranging and the guests many. So sit down and relax with the Sex Vulture.


PTVS – Episode 20 – Spartacus

By Jupiter's Cock! Freshly loin-clothed Gladiators Paddy and Welby tired from all the sex they've been forced to have to have with local dignitaries and each other, talk all things Spartacus, John Hannah's butt and Xena boob.

PTVS – Episode 19 – Dr Who

Pad is joined by fellow Canadian based comedian Welby Santos to talk all things Dr Who. The first season of PTVS is available at musicalmousemat.com

PTVS – Episode 18 – TV Christmas Specials

Paddy is back in Blighty for a short Christmas visit. Richard and Will join him to talk about Xmas Specials that have graced our screens over the years.

PTVS – Episode 17 – Trailer Park Boys

He's back, not in the country but on magic shit shoot we call the internet. Just when we thought the Sex Vulture had swooped his final swoop he comes crashing back (like an assault charge from a neighbouring state) to fill your ears with goodness. Expect new guests and the same old Paddy Jay Forde.


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