This is a show about our gaming history. In each episode Rich interviews a different person about the gaming systems and games that have been an important part of their lives. Listen in to conversations that cover everything from the Magnavox Odyssey to the Playstation 4, and Chuckie Egg to GTA 5.

It’s time to remember some games and constantly be reminded that you’re old now.


Random Access Memories Ep. 4 – Jonathan Craig

On this episode I'm joined by a young person. Sorry to keep fixating on that, I'm just feeling a sense of my own mortality.

3. Scott Matteson

On this episode I'm joined by Scott Matteson. You might remember him from such podcasts as Simply Syndicated Movie News, and Remote Patrol: Oh Boy.

2. Nick Long

Here's another one of those trips down computer game memory lane.

1. Boz

Its a mononym.

In this first episode I'm joined by Boz. We have a talk about his gaming history. That's pretty much all there is to it.