Somewhere out in the forgotten depths of space, near the borders of the Klingon, Minbari, and Cylon empires floats Starbase 66. This lonely island of civilization is manned by a triumvirate of uber-nerds whose knowledge of Star Trek, and Science Fiction is as vast as the uncharted depths of the cosmos.

Join the Admiral, Lieutenant Ro Karen, and Lieutenant Kennedy as they while away the hours between canasta games with Dave in the brig by discussing anything and everything Trek and/or SciFi. No medium is off limits as they talk about television, movies, books, graphic novels, toys, and even graphic arts and news.

Join them and their frequent guest stars from all over the world for a sometimes serious, sometimes silly, but always interesting talk about your favorite forays into the multiverse of speculative fiction


SB66 148 SciFi/Horror (now with 100% more Boz)

Boz, from Here Goes Nothing and The Little Pod of Horrors, joins the crew to talk about horrific happenings in the Science Fiction genre.

SB66 147 Teaser Triage

Why do some fans feel compelled to get angry over what they see in teaser trailers?

SB66 146 Arc v Episode

Amidst tangents galore, the Admiral is joined by Richard Smith and Steven Cogswell to discuss the merits of the long arc versus the stand-alone episode.

SB66 145

Our gallant crew discuss the recent top 100 Trek episodes list put out by

SB66: The Admiral’s Round Table-Capaldi’s Who

Rich, Simon, Mary, Scott, and a little bit of Ian join Rick in a round table discussion of the latest incarnation of everyone's favorite Timelord.

SB66 144 Nerd Rage

Karen and Rick smash (or are smashed) as poor Camille tries to play referee.

SB66 143: Break’s Over

Our usual post-hiatus silliness, interspersed with some very important messages.

SB66 The Little Admiral’s Table of Horrors-The Alien Franchise

Goggs and Boz, of the Little Pod of Horrors podcast, join the Admiral to talk about the greatest Science Fiction/Horror crossover series ever.

SB66 ATAndyWeir

Author Andy Weir sits down at the Admiral's Table to talk about his wonderful book, The Martian.

SB66 142: Marvelous Movies

A round table discussion about Marvel's stable of marvelous movies.

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