Somewhere out in the forgotten depths of space, near the borders of the Klingon, Minbari, and Cylon empires floats Starbase 66. This lonely island of civilization is manned by a triumvirate of uber-nerds whose knowledge of Star Trek, and Science Fiction is as vast as the uncharted depths of the cosmos.

Join the Admiral, Lieutenant Ro Karen, and Lieutenant Kennedy as they while away the hours between canasta games with Dave in the brig by discussing anything and everything Trek and/or SciFi. No medium is off limits as they talk about television, movies, books, graphic novels, toys, and even graphic arts and news.

Join them and their frequent guest stars from all over the world for a sometimes serious, sometimes silly, but always interesting talk about your favorite forays into the multiverse of speculative fiction


The Admiral’s Table: Shane’s First Trek

There is a whole new group of people for whom Star Trek: Discovery is their first Trek. Shane Thomas, of The Greatest Events in Sporting History, is one of them, and he joins the Admiral to discuss this phenomenon.

Starbase 66: Halloween 2017

Alice, Boz, and Rick talk about those classic Horror staples Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman, and The Mummy.


Special thanks to CO.AG Music for generously letting us use their creepy Alien Space Music for this episode.

Starbase 66: Social Media

In this episode, after many a tangent (surprised? Didn't think so)we have a frank discussion of the effects of social media on fandom. Warning, the subjects of cyber bullying, doxing, revenge porn, and suicide are addressed in this show.

Thank The Makers: Mission Log

On the premier episode of Thank The Makers the Admiral chats with John Champion and Ken Ray about their massively popular Star Trek podcast Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast.

The Admiral’s Table:Tarzan

Kennedy and Rick have a chat about Tarzan of the Apes.

Genre…what is it good for?

Genre...huh! Good God, y'all! What is it good for? Well, quite a lot, actually. This time we discuss, among many other things, what need is there to categorize things by genre. Plus, if you like sexy Aussie accents, we have double your pleasure as Alice's partner Alastair joins us.

The Devil in Fiction

In this trip back to 2011, GAB joins the crew to discuss portrayals of Old Scratch in our favorite fictional universes.

Starbase 66: Wonder Woman and Friends

Wonder Woman...a movie we all loved, but did the world place too many expectations on the film?

The Admiral’s Table-Vintage Space with Amy Shira Teitel

The Admiral is honored to be joined by Amy Shira Teitel, the host of the YouTube channel Vintage Space and author of Breaking the Chains of Gravity to talk about her show, book, Discover magazine blog, and general space flight geekery.

The Admiral’s Table feat. The Shore Leave Podcast

The Admiral is joined by Heather and Jeff from the Shore Leave podcast to talk about their show, Star Trek Las Vegas, and Star Trek Discovery.

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