Richard and Allison’s Super Happy Fun Time rose up from the ashes of Weekend Watches, morphing into a show for the Simply Syndicated community of listeners. We went live and opened the phone lines to connect with each other, share the things that have made the week great, and bring some fun to the weekend. It also showed that the community could support each other through life’s challenges, and bring the most wonderfully diverse group of people together.

Saturdays ain’t the same without it, and the now legendary Christmas Eve Specials mark the beginning of the holidays for Synners everywhere. If Movies You Should See is the heart of Simply Syndicated, then SHaFT is its soul.


163. Quality Not Quantity

We're back with more of our chatting to the audience stuff. It's a call in show. We've been doing it for ages so there must be something to it I suppose.

162 – We’re Back Again

We're back again so we can talk to our listeners. It was so much fun that we'll probably do it again.

SHaFT 161 – An Opportune Moment

We had time and chance to do a show, so we did one.

SHaFT 160 – The Last One We Did

Not by any means is it the last SHaFT, it's just the last one we recorded. We'll be back with more as soon as we can.

SHaFT 159 – Did You Call?

Wibble wobble.

Wibble wobble.

Jelly on a plate.

SHaFT 158 – Not Rebooted Yet

We'll do new episodes one day, but this is an old new episode.

SHaFT 157 – We’re Gonna Do A Reboot

This episode was recorded after episode 156, but before episode 158.

SHaFT 156 – Who Knows When

I have absolutely no idea when we recorded this show. All I can tell you is that it was a long time ago. It's probably still good, these things last for ages. SHaFT is the canned food of podcasting.

SHaFT 155 – Do We Need A Reboot?

It's the talk show we all love so much. You call in and we talk to you. That's how things work around here.