So, we got Will to do an episode of Movies You Should See, and people seemed to really like him. So much so, that they wanted him to have his own show, and that show, is The Definitive Word.

Although production of the show ended a while ago, there are hundreds of episodes to choose from. Simply Everything now has the first 52 episodes of The Definitive Word, which were thought to be lost for all time, and haven’t been available to listen to for years.


NH 149 – The Definitive Nerd

This was our contribution to the aborted Simply Syndicated "switch-up" fundraiser. It's our take on The Definitive Word which was Jakob's gateway podcast. We recorded this episode almost two years ago exactly and have absolutely no idea what might be on it. If we did the original justice, it's a sack of rambling, tangential gibberish.

But just because the series of Simply Syndicated podcasters taking on each other's shows never materialized as a pay-only download, there's no reason you shouldn't slip a quid in the kitty regardless (lord, that sounds dirty).

Next episode will feature our new as yet unnamed answers and advice segment where we offer advice or answers to to inquiries submitted by listeners. It might end up being called Answers & Advice. Which would be shamefully boring.

Submit your conundrums, general questions and requests for advice to: (also feel free to email us a better name for the segment).