Science fiction on television has been around for decades. But in 1993, Babylon 5 showed us a whole new way to see it. For five seasons it redefined serialized sci-fi storytelling, and added a new, shining jewel into the crown of genre fiction.

On White Star Five, hear Scott, joined by Starbase 66 host Rick, discuss the many facets of Babylon 5, the good, the bad, the untold, and why it remains as engaging now as it was then.


Episode 9: Sleeping In Light

Scott and Rick the final season, and series finale of Babylon 5.

WSF 07a Announcement

A quick announcement.

WS5 08

Scott and Rick profile the incredible talent, and incredible story of Mira Furlan, the mysterious Ambassador Delenn on Babylon 5.

WS5 07 Misogyny in B5

After a brief mea culpa, and some raving about the latest Marvel movie, Scott and Rick discuss what, if any, misogyny is to be found in the Babylon 5 universe.

WS5 06 Relationships

Scott and Rick discuss the relationships, both romantic and not so much, on Babylon Five.

WS5_05 The Psi Corp

This time Scott and Rick discuss those nefarious Telepaths in Black...the Psi Corp.

WS5:Episode 4 Season One part II

Scott and Rick, amidst many a tangent, finish up their overview of Babylon 5's premier season.

WS5 Episode 3: Season One (part one)

Scott and Rick discuss the first half of season one of Babylon 5.

WS5_02 The Gathering

Allison Downing joins Scott and Rick to discuss the Babylon 5 pilot, The Gathering.

WS5_01 The Beginning

Welcome to the premier episode of White Star Five, the Simply Syndicated Federation's first podcast devoted to J. Michael Straczynski's classic 90s Science Fiction television series Babylon 5.