Starbase Crew Update

Hi, Folks,
For nearly four years now you wonderful listeners have allowed Karen, Kennedy, and myself into your earholes so we could share our unmitigated nerdery with you. Recently, due to various 'real' life events our schedules have become unstable, and bringing you a fully staffed Starbase has grown increasingly difficult. So, in an effort to 1. alleviate such events, and 2. bring a fresh voice into the mix, it is my extreme pleasure to announce that UNKK, aka Daniel from NASA, has done us the honor of joining the show as a permanent cohost. We recorded our first show with him last night, and he was everything you've come to expect from a Starbase blatherer and more. Tune in next week for UNKK's cohostly debut, and thank you for your incredible support.

And yes, that is a space shuttle behind him.