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Nerd Hurdles

Nerd Hurdles


May 9th 2013

We're pretty late to the Netflix party. For years now everyone has been saying we should drop by, so here we are. So far, yeah, we're having an okay time. The chips are pretty good though the pop's a bit flat. We're meeting  some people we never would've had a chance to (lemme tell you, some are total D-bags) and hanging out with some old friends we'd forgotten about.

This week we cover the various things we've watched in the last month: Thor; X-Men First Class; In Time; How I Met Your Mother; Mad Men; This Means War; Starship Troopers; Kick-Ass; Puss In Boots; Portlandia; The IT Crowd.


Starbase 66

Starbase 66

SB66-Episode 89 Suzie Plakson DidnWannaDoIt!

May 23rd 2011

This week the gang revel in the effervescence that is Suzie Plakson. Suzie returns to discuss her new music video, and tell us some tales of her life amongst the Star Trek faniverse.