TLPoH – Episode 32 – Zombies and Monsters and Clowns. Oh My!

Happy Easter to you all.

What better way to celebrate this day of rising from the dead than to listen to the latest episode of your favourite horror podcast starring Goggs and Boz.

In this fun filled show we (or to be exact, mainly Boz and a very, very special guest)talk about the following:

- The Lazarus Effect,
- It Follows,
- The Atticus Institute,
- The Hoarder,
- Wyrmwood,
- 88,
- The Asylum,
- Clown,
- Blood & Black Lace,
- The Woods Movie,
- The Treatment,
- [REC] 4: Apocalypse,
- There are Monsters, and
- Sushi Girl
- Oh, and we start off with tales from Florida!

We hope you enjoy, and, as always, send your feedback to: or share it on our Facebook page.

Until next time .......