ATW9K Ep021 — Revenge of the nerds

I've been waiting for them to think of it, and the notion finally crossed their minds: The contestants have revolted.

By the end of this episode, they turn the tables on their faithful leader with the introduction of the Revenge Round -- throwing questions at Jason for a change.

This week, the regular Atomic Trivia Warriors are joined by Jeff Tatarek of  Lather's Blather, which was on hiatus until just recently. You might have heard him in the past on Geeknights or The Greatest Movie Ever. Jeff helps the gang name Harrison Ford movies in the Bidding War and guess Forbes' top 100 celebrities in the Rank and File game.

He also kicks off the Hot Seat action with a category about fast food. Kevin goes for cartoon catchphrases, Omar is in love with Chuck Norris, and Ro chooses Tom Selleck films.

As always, send your listener questions to and there's a pretty good chance we may read them on air -- but don't be upset if you don't hear them for a while. That's because we record waaaaaay in advance.


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