How much would you weigh on the moon? Which Indiana Jones movie made the most money? How do you pronounce AT-AT? What does the license plate on Doc Brown’s DeLorean say?

If you can answer these questions, we want to enlist YOU in the Atomic Trivia War 9000, the podcast quiz show with geek cred. The war isn’t waged with bullets and tanks, but with facts and figures, pop culture references, and a big dose of nerdiness.

Join Jason, Omar, Rochelle, and Kevin as they do battle for points and honor. This isn’t a mild seismic activity quiz challenge. This is the Atomic Trivia War 9000!


BATMONTH – Batman Returns

TRIVIA: Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it but a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it. We talk about 1992's BATMAN RETURNS, the second movie in Tim Burton's duology on the Caped Crusader of Gotham City, which frames the Penguin as a prescient look at Donald Trump. October is Batmonth. Because bats. It was almost WitchMonth.

BATMONTH — Batman and Robin
MOVIE NIGHT – Batman Forever

Baby, would you like a kiss from a rose on the grapes? Ooh, the more I taste of this soup, the more I make. Now when you're Orlando Bloom, the light hits the gloom on the cave.

It's Batman and Robin, the second-worst Batman movie ever made. We examine it piece by painful piece.

Kevin’s video game quiz show

Who will reign supreme when Kev-O takes over and slings the questions? He delivers a blast of video game trivia, then we talk about our formative video game experiences (ATARI, DAWG!).

Movie Masters Too (and guilty pleasure films)

It starts with Operation Dumbo Drop. Our MOVIE MASTERS challenge is back with 25 new trivia questions, then turns to a discussion of guilty pleasure movies!

Movie Masters

Are you a Movie Master? Prove it by taking this week's 25-question quiz along with the Trivia Lords. You can send questions for the gang (whether trivia or informational) to!

Review: Stranger Things

Have you seen Stranger Things? We have -- and it's amazing. Jason, Omar, and Matt talk about the 2016 Netflix series.

Ro vs. Omar — Olympics, Pokemon, Movies

It's a one-on-one showdown between Ro and Omar through Kahoot as they take on some of the most important factoids of the day. Then we talk about all the geeky stuff we're doing and watching! Send your trivia questions to and they could appear on the show!

MOVIE NIGHT – Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is splitting audiences and critics. Is it good? Tom Pandich joins Jason and Ro to talk about DC's latest box office smash -- it's broken the August opening weekend records and isn't stopping -- and listeners might be surprised to hear their thoughts.

Omar wins in advance

Because of course he does.