How much would you weigh on the moon? Which Indiana Jones movie made the most money? How do you pronounce AT-AT? What does the license plate on Doc Brown’s DeLorean say?

If you can answer these questions, we want to enlist YOU in the Atomic Trivia War 9000, the podcast quiz show with geek cred. The war isn’t waged with bullets and tanks, but with facts and figures, pop culture references, and a big dose of nerdiness.

Join Jason, Omar, Rochelle, and Kevin as they do battle for points and honor. This isn’t a mild seismic activity quiz challenge. This is the Atomic Trivia War 9000!


From Gary Glitter to Rick and Morty

There's so much to talk about here, from trivia (of course) to the return of Samurai Jack.

Movie Night! Ghost in the Shell

Call it Ghost in the Shell Lite. Weigh whitewashing. Consider the Ship of Theseus. These are all things you can (and should) do in a discussion about the 2017 release of Ghost in the Shell, the live action adaptation of the 1995 anime. Though not without its many faults, we found it not to be the horrible stinker that many believe.

Ari-sted Development

A last-minute Ro-placement means Ari joins Jason, Kevin, and Omar to talk about everything from the worst Nicolas Cage films to rap lyrics to Joss Whedon's new Batgirl venture. We do a rank-and-file game and tackle some very fun trivia!

The Listener Questions Show

It's an ATW9K Movie Night! No, it's actually our long-awaited LISTENER QUESTIONS show, with trivia generated by YOU for US! Our contestants handle it all, from the small screen to large screen, from history to pop culture to general know-it-or-maybe-not. FYI, we almost lost this episode but rescued it from a backup track, which explains why Jason's mic is weird. Sorry. And sorry for the show.

Movie Night! Disney’s The Three Musketeers

Here's the final swash in the buckle we call MUSKETEER MONTH -- the Disney version of The Three Musketeers, starring Jack Bauer, Topper Harley, Robin, Dr. Daniel Charles, Hexxus, Lana, and Guy of Gisborne. Cue the music, Bryan Adams.

Movie Night! Logan

Pouring a fifth out to all my homies in Westchester, RIP to Tupac, Biggy, the Wolverizzine, Professor X Gon Give It to Ya, fo rizzle. We review LOGAN, because we hurt ourselves today to see if we still feel. Special guest Scott Johnson.

Movie Night! The Musketeer (2001)

What if we shoved all the actual Musketeers into the background and focused instead on the French martial art of rapier-fu? The result would be the 2001 film The Musketeer, which has sword fighting on top of wine casks, sword fighting on top of a racing coach, and sword fighting on top of ladders (in a room with a suspicious number of ladders). It's MUSKETEER MONTH PART 2!

Movie Night – The Three Musketeers (2011)

Ah, yes -- the adaptation of a favorite 17th century French political adventure novel, in which kung-fu fighting swordsmen confront a lady ninja and have airship battles. Yep. Sounds like Alexandre Dumas (in 3D).

Movie Night! LEGO Batman and John Wick 2 DOUBLE FEATURE!

They both came out this weekend, but we couldn't have chosen two movies on further ends of the spectrum to review than LEGO BATMAN and JOHN WICK 2. One is full of tummy tum tum wholesome laughs and GOB Bluth's voice. The other is a murder-fest spanning from Italy to New York.

Movie Time Machine / Numbers for Numbskulls

Was Flight of the Navigator before or after Big Trouble in Little China? Did Meet Joe Black come before or after The Matrix? Test your skills in the Movie Time Machine, then beat our contestants in a numbers game! Send your trivia (one question at a time, please, for organization reasons) to to have them included on a future LISTENER QUESTIONS show! Also, Omar and Kevin are bad and should feel bad for failing to do their homework this week. SIGH