Atomic Trivia War 9000

How much would you weigh on the moon? Which Indiana Jones movie made the most money? How do you pronounce AT-AT? What does the license plate on Doc Brown’s DeLorean say?

If you can answer these questions, we want to enlist YOU in the Atomic Trivia War 9000, the podcast quiz show with geek cred. The war isn’t waged with bullets and tanks, but with facts and figures, pop culture references, and a big dose of nerdiness.

Join Jason, Omar, Rochelle, and Kevin as they do battle for points and honor. This isn’t a mild seismic activity quiz challenge. This is the Atomic Trivia War 9000!


What’s that word?

Jason's been very ill the past few weeks, but finally here is an episode in which we make up new definitions to old words for our amusement.

Unlimited pass the bluff

It's that time of year when we briefly defy sanity by allowing Kevin to run the trivia games. Who oh who will emerge victorious? Will it be Jason, the Rock of the ATW9K league, stepping up to smack down his opponents in a cage match for the ages?

The dumbest thing we’ve ever discussed

Rylin is four, yet her in-depth analysis of The Force Awakens is still better than Kevin, Ro, and Omar's. We tackle some fun trivia, then talk about something so stupid we regretted it immediately. Dinosaurs, pirates, etc.

Best of 2015 (yes, Star Wars too)

Our annual 'Best of' show features the movies, games, and other media that really rocked our world, plus more STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS talk and stuff we got for the Christmases.

Remember when the Force hadn’t Awakened yet?

We recorded this just before The Force Awakens was released. Enjoy some easy questions, I think? It's hard to remember that murky pre-dawn history of 2015, especially the time before the new Star Wars flick. I know there's Star Wars trivia in there.

MOVIE NIGHT! The Force Awakens epic review

There has been an awakening, and we've felt it! The ATW9K crew are a bunch of unrepentant Star Wars fans. We talk about the good (and bad) The Force Awakens has to offer, spoilers be damned. TL;DR JJ Abrams understands Star Wars like we do. Now can we go watch it again? Please?

This is the Friday Night Party War 9000

Wait... this doesn't sound right. These are different voices in your ears. The Friday Night Party Line crew invades your headphone space. May glob have mercy on us all. AND there's an Australian. Heresy.

Revenge of the Easybots

It's the third entry in our EASY MODE trilogy with special guest Victor Frost as we tackle trivia on everything from movies to music to sports. In our roundtable discussion, we discuss the ABC Family rebranding, the Batman vs. Superman trailer, and thoughts on stupid gun violence.

MOVIE NIGHT — Masters of the Universe

Oil up, buff up, sexy up, 1980s up -- it's time to watch The Masters of the Universe starring Monica Bing, Tom Paris, Drago, President Nixon, and Principal Strickland.

ConverJasons — 90s alternative music

Don Thomsen stops in to talk about the 90s alternative scene, some favorite bands you may or may not remember, what is still a good listen, and concert-hopping.