How much would you weigh on the moon? Which Indiana Jones movie made the most money? How do you pronounce AT-AT? What does the license plate on Doc Brown’s DeLorean say?

If you can answer these questions, we want to enlist YOU in the Atomic Trivia War 9000, the podcast quiz show with geek cred. The war isn’t waged with bullets and tanks, but with facts and figures, pop culture references, and a big dose of nerdiness.

Join Jason, Omar, Rochelle, and Kevin as they do battle for points and honor. This isn’t a mild seismic activity quiz challenge. This is the Atomic Trivia War 9000!


MARVEL-ous Phase II

IT CONTINUES -- this time, we debate the merits of the movies in the second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

MARVEL-ous Phase I

You've seen them master arc reactor technology, swing magic hammers, and defend the world from both Nazis and space invaders. They're the Avengers -- and in this retrospective, we dissect phase one of Marvel's Cinematic Universe for fun and (?) profit! It's the first of a special three-part series -- enjoy!

Cartoon all-stars

We talk about cartoons and stuff.

Movie Night – Solo

We review Solo, the 2018 Star Wars movie, not the 1996 Mario Van Peebles masterpiece. Spoilers discussion. Pressing questions: Why are there trains in space? Should Joss Whedon get a writing credit? Is that secretly French Stewart? Is your Honda hatchback faster because you know a shortcut? Which Glover is too old for this sh*t?

Now with listener questions and bad sound

We've got some of YOUR crappy questions and yes, JASON'S VOICE IS TOO LOUD BECAUSE OF A DUMB SOFTWARE PROBLEM. Sorry. Enjoy this trivia.

Movie Night – Deadpool 2

Do you like swearsies and boner jokes? Do you like things done gettin' blowed up? Do you like stabby stabby and shooty shooty? Do you like The Proposal, starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock? Do you like Marvel movies but also kind of hate Marvel movies? Then Deadpool 2 is for you. We review a movie that made us laugh and feel better about the crappy world.

Movie Night – Avengers Infinity War

Hot take: Genocide ain't OK, yo. Ro and pals review Avengers Infinity War and gush for a good hour.

MOVIE NIGHT – Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle, we got Dwayne

Number nerds

How many gallons of water go over Niagara Falls every second? How far from Earth is the moon? How high is the Hoover Dam? Is it a god damn? Get the answers to these questions and more in this episode of your friendly neighborhood trivia show!

We steal those pic-a-nic baskets, Boo Boo!

From Baloo to Yogi, we bring the pop culture animal trivia on a new quiz for our trivianauts!