Gloria Lindh and Mia Steel know their food. They know how to eat it and they know how to cook it. But there are many food crimes, and therefore food criminals, among us. They purport to be delicious but fail on every level to bring joy, or sometimes even sustenance.

The ladies-who-lunch call out bad combinations, poor techniques and pitiful ingredients for the crimes that they are and attempt to set right, for once and for all, the offences committed. Ridiculously good fun, you’ll find yourself agreeing and shouting out the food crimes that boil your blood, even amongst commuters. Tasty listening.


CAF 38 – Table Manners

We're all freaky eaters in our own way right?

Don't be afraid, listen, and feel better about yourself.

Oh yeah, you're not having a stroke, CAF is back.

CAF 37 – Free Food

There's no such thing as a free podcast, unless it's about food.

CAF – Episode 36 – Erotic Food

I became a little hot under the collar when uploading this.

CAF – Episode 35 – Herbs

Ah yes herbs, one of my favourite things, don't want to go promoting them on a podcast you know. Ow ow STOP KICKING ME! What? Ah.Herbs. I'm with you now. The girls take you through the wonder that is herbs! Enjoy :)

CAF – Episode 33 – Coffee

The lost episode! Only lost because Will skipped an episode number when uploading. The girls grind out all things coffee.

CAF – Episode 34 – Great Expectations

Some are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them, others just serve bad food.

CAF – Episode 32 – Foraging

Gloria and Mia are joined by champion forager Sarah Binless to talk about, well, forager.

CAF – Episode 31 – The Chef And The Cook

Mia and Gloria are joined by Marcia to talk about professional and domestic cooking.

CAF – Episode 30 – Food Poisoning & Contamination

Mia and Gloria take us through the murky world of upset stomachs and exploding faces due to food poisoning. Now faces may NOT explode, but they could, i'm just saying.

Listen out for a Crimes Against Food competition.

CAF – Episode 28 – Chinese Food In The U.K

The girls are back! A take-away length episode for you.