Here Goes Nothing is a show presented by Boz and Casey. It’s really hard to write a description for this show. Exactly how do you define what Here Goes Nothing is? If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them. Until then, Here Goes Nothing is a show presented by Boz and Casey. They sometimes talk about beer.


HGN -The Woof Clang Chronicles 2 – Piratting About with Pez Dispensers

Here is the not at all anticipated part 2 to our role playing adventures from our old radio show.

We pick up with Crooven Serpenthelm and Glisandria PockenPicket as they try to fight their way free of their Pirate captives.


HGN – A Right Pair of Deck Heads

In the time before the great pulse this was the kind of show you could expect from us.

This was salvaged from amongst the wreckage of the blast scape, a catchup show where Boz and Casey basically do what they do......... and have a chat really.

HGN – An Unexpected Journey (to A&E)

This is another rehash of our Fantastic Adventures of Boz and Casey.

LARPing is the adventure this time and this is the show that chronicles how it ended up with Boz in the hospital!

This was recorded a week after the incident and we are glad to report that Boz is almost fully ok now.
That said, what with it being but a few days after the event, Casey didn't pull any comedy punches in this account of swords, archers and ambulances.

What Time Does the Superb Owl Start

This is for friend of the show Scott Sigler.

If you haven't already checked out his work follow this link and be amazed!!

(Also you'll then know when the Superb Owl starts!)

What Time Does The Super Bowl Start? January 2017

HGN – The Woof Clang Chronicles 1 – A Song of Dice and Liars

As a festive treat we have repackaged our first attempt at on line roleplaying with the fantastic front man of the mighty Sellsword Stu Perry!

This was originally one of our radio show episodes so we have repackaged it for podcast.


Get your copy of And now We Ride Here!!!

HGN – Jigsaws Hardwired Tricycle of Metal

This week we grabbed Will of FTATR fame and lashed him unwillingly to a microphone once again.
We give Metallicas new album the FTATHGNR treatment then go mumbling on about the top 10 must have toys for this Christmas seeing as we aint getting another one of these out in 2016.

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HGN – Boz’s Slo-Mo Mosh Pit of World Politics

This show is basically us re living our Psychotic gig and Casey decides to randomly throw a quiz at Boz's face.

All over the place as ever, but hey, thats our show.

Stay till the end tho ;)

HGN – Musical Comedy is Good……And Stuff.


Another mixed emotion show but we stay on the fun side.
Boz struggles with his new phone software but we celebrate with Casey a huge achievement of his.

We then delve into the simply massive subject of musical comedy. Picking our top 5's we meander through time and space to bring you the best we feel the world has to offer (in that super humble way we do things).

As ever please send reviews/audios/feedback to

HGN – The F***tastic return of our F***tastic F***ing show!!


So just when you'd totally given up we are back with a show and hopefully this signals many more to come.

We've missed you wonderful Woof Clang Clan members and listeners and we enjoyed the **** out of recording this ******* podcast.

After 38 shows being well behaved on the radio we are back to our home, ******* PODCASTING. To celebrate we bring a show chocca with profanity and silliness to signpost our return to the media we love.

We get our swear on and talk about just about everything we can.

Please send us anything you like to

You know the drill, this is show is all about us interacting with you and you all having your place on our silly little Podcast.

It's Fing cing brilliant to be F***ing back !!


HGN – Metal Memories University – 10 Albums Everyone Should Own

As it has been a while we decided an MMU episode was long overdue. Now don't go running away, this is not all hefty screamy stuff, this is about essential listening for real music fans :)

This time we try the impossible task of picking 5 albums each to get to 10 that everyone should own.

We really enjoyed this one as you will probably hear.

Links for the show:

Metal Memories University Official Website
Firebrand Roxx Radio

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