Here Goes Nothing is a show presented by Boz and Casey. It's really hard to write a description for this show. Exactly how do you define what Here Goes Nothing is? If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear them. Until then, Here Goes Nothing is a show presented by Boz and Casey. They sometimes talk about beer.

Podcast Episodes

HGN – Sigler Special Circa 2009ish….I think
March 23rd 2015

So to celebrate 10 YEARS!!! of free Scott Sigler Audiobook Podcasts, we thought that we would re-post our old Sigler Special as it is not currently available on the feed.

Just our way to raise the profile of this special day as a huge thank you to the FDO for all the awesome entertainment and for helping us cut the throat of this show , only to bring it back 2 years later ;0)

Go get the free Ebook Bundle Here

Starring additional hosts in the form Of Antony and Matt and featuring our own Sigler Universe Skit and some real substance abuse, this show was designed to hook you into the Siglerverse.
If it works, let us know please.

HGN – Tales From Americas Wang
March 1st 2015

americas-wangA wordy one this time as Casey gushes about his new found passion in life and Boz gives a blow by blow account of his trip to Florida.

HGN – Meh
January 22nd 2015


This week we drag out the SVU waggon again and revive a long lost bit of fun in the guise of a Boz vs Casey quiz.

This show is anything but Meh in actuality.

HGN – Beer Chugs and Bro Hugs
December 2nd 2014


What the What!
So we we hit the pub this time round and drag you lot with us as we try a new BrewDog offering fresh from the pump.

We jump on that massive band waggon and talk about the new Star Wars trailer and we introduce a completely new section for you lovely people!

HGN – Here Ghost Nothing
November 2nd 2014

No beer in the house this week, so Boz and Casey abuse some Spirits.

Evil computer

HGN – Miss Lopez Will Be Out When Miss Lopez is Ready!
October 25th 2014

So after all those silly teasers here it is at last.

The first instalment in our new season of shows. We can’t tell you how excited we are to be back.

Help us get going int he way you are all accustomed by sending us your emails, reviews, beer tastings, random thoughts, whatever. Lets get that community up and jumping again.

Woof Clang Clan is called to arms.

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HGN Tease4
October 14th 2014

Ok so we will be back very soon, with little changed.

HGN Tease3
September 19th 2014

Fighting the tech issues, we continue planning the glorious, all new, spectacular return of HGN.

HGN Tease2
September 14th 2014

After getting cut off last time, we try and resume our grand plans for our fantabulous return

HGN Tease
September 11th 2014

Some rare behind the scenes audio of us planning our momentous return!