Here Goes Nothing is a show presented by Boz and Casey. It's really hard to write a description for this show. Exactly how do you define what Here Goes Nothing is? If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear them. Until then, Here Goes Nothing is a show presented by Boz and Casey. They sometimes talk about beer.

Podcast Episodes

HGN Tease4
October 14th 2014

Ok so we will be back very soon, with little changed.

HGN Tease3
September 19th 2014

Fighting the tech issues, we continue planning the glorious, all new, spectacular return of HGN.

HGN Tease2
September 14th 2014

After getting cut off last time, we try and resume our grand plans for our fantabulous return

HGN Tease
September 11th 2014

Some rare behind the scenes audio of us planning our momentous return!

HGN – Special – Pod Botherers by Here Goes Nothing Podcast
August 5th 2013

Hmm what’s all this then?

Metal Memories – Episode 7
November 14th 2012

Boz and Casey are back with the final metal Metal Memories. The year is 1999, the bitter lines of time weigh heavy on the Here Goes Nothing boys. They creak and sway in the onrushing tide as the bad ship Nu-Metal stamps it authority. Joining them in the life raft are Emma and Will. Can they do 1999 justice or will they succumb to the Grumpy Old Metallers? This life raft smells like Brew Dog, disdain and Slayer gigs of yesteryear.

There Goes Nothing!
June 4th 2012

With a tear in our eye, beer in our hands, cheese board at the ready and an army of well wishers:

We sally forth into the last ever HGN.

Your eyes do not deceive you, this show is 6 hours long! We said is was gonna be big
and as we wrote the book on stupidly long, there was only really one way to go!

This show was all about you guys and would not have been the same without
your contributions, thank you and we love you all.

Woof Clang MuthaF%*kas!

April 17th 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, A promo for your delectation!

HGN – Episode 99 – A Boz RePurposed
January 22nd 2012

Grab a box of tissues and a bean bag and settle down for the truly penultimate HGN.

We dedicate this show to YOU and YOU alone, our wonderful listeners!!

Ok so we do bang on about us for a while first, but hey after nearly 100 episodes you should be used to that.

This show is all about your last emails and comments and our chance to get a bit sentimental before our massive
blow out of a last show.


Please click here and sponsor Laura (Golden Lariot) she is awesome. F*** Cancer!!!


HGN – Episode 27.1 (98) – Penultimate penultimate
November 13th 2011

Hi folks!

So here we go but 2 shows left beyond this one.

We just catch up on emails and our lives and launch into the next MMU.

We begin our genre units with a look into Hardcore metal. A historical view of its origins and another loving

glimpse back into our teen years. We also have something special for those who last to the bitter end.


The Moon Blog

Kyps good call:

The atrocity of new metal:

Jonny Bravo meets Scooby Doo, the part mentioned in the show is 2:50 in :