No Star Trek show? Are you serious? Let’s make one! If ever a show was inevitable, Make It So is it. We all love Star Trek here at Simply Syndicated, and this show was something we needed to do. It was time to show our hands and reveal our geek credentials. We needed to talk about it in depth, ask questions, pose theories and lovingly both worship and pick apart the Trek universe’s vast canon of episodes and movies.

Acknowledging that whilst we love it, there are flaws, and feeling ultimately secure in the belief that watching Star Trek will make you a better person.


43. Next Gen Season 4

We pick the best episode of Star Trek The Next Generation Season 4.

42. Commentary: The Royale

We couldn't think of what to talk about, so we decided to ruin an episode of our favourite show.

41. Best Battles

Here's another of those in depth, well researched, intelligent, discussions about Star Trek.

40. Merchandising

I can't not hear that word in Mel Brooks' voice.

39. William Shatner

Get ready for one of the laziest, worst researched, podcasts ever attempted.

38. Gul Dukat

In this episode of Make It So, we talk about the character Gul Dukat. He's on DS9. That's all I have to say about that.

37. Most Attractive

It's entirely possible that this episode is a bit sexist.

36. Rivalries

I don't know. Riker vs Worf or something.

35. Spin Offs

I think this is the Risa Nights episode.

34. Politics

It's about the politics in Star Trek. Obviously!

Season 2

51. Star Trek 11 Cast
52. What If Relationships
53. What We Love About Star Trek
54. Barclay
55. Starfleet
56. Next Generation Season 5
57. Everyday Characters
58. Best Bridge
59. Crossovers
60. Star Trek 11 Trailer
61. Best Season 1
62. Best Fight
63. Star Trek Then And Now
64. Original Series Season 1
65. Commentary Yesterday's Enterprise
66. What Items From Star Trek Would You Want
67. Star Trek 11 & Best Enterprise Ship
68. Conventions
69. Listener Mail
70. Shatner 77 Reasons
71. Star Trek Quiz
72. Next Generation Season 6
73. Commentary Night Terror's
74. Deep Space 9 Beginners Guide
75. Enterprise
76. Jonathan Frakes
77. Where Are The Characters Now
78. Star Trek & Star Wars Compare And Contrast
79. Star Trek Technology
80. Lwaxana Troi
81. Artificial Lifeforms
82. Alien Mating
83. If We Made Star Trek 12
84. Where Are The Characters Now Again
85. Minor Characters
86. Star Treks Vision Of The Future
87. Funny Moments
88. Good & Bad
89. Getting Into The Original Series
90. Call In Show
91. Best Double Episode
92. Captain Picard Day
93. Science Fiction
94. Jobs After Starfleet
95. Celebrity Guest Stars
96. Characters In Their Youth
97. Another Call In Show
98. Voyager
99. Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country
100. Buffoonery Clowning Call In Show
101. Pick Your Own Crew
102. Time Travel
103. Commentary More Tribbles More Troubles
104. Top Trumps
105. Promotions Demotions And Punishments
106. Boring Characters
107. Choose Your Own Actors For A Crew
108. Spock
109. Next Generation Season 7
110. Commentary The Naked Now
111. Food & Drink
112. Clothes Uniforms Garb
113. Music
114. Risa
115. Ways To Improve Enterprise
116. Characters In Fish Out Of Water Situations
117. Commentary Spocks Brain
118. Enterprise Season 3