No matter what your political beliefs, we’re living in days of great tension and frustration. This is the show that attempts to cut through all the misleading information out there and present a sensible and rational view of British politics.

Tackling issues like the EU referendum, political scandal, protests, the NHS, education, and everything else that effects our day to day lives and well being. Be warned that this show is not for everyone. For a start you’ve got to be interested in British politics, and then you’ve got to be prepared to hear things you don’t like.

Making Sense looks at the UKĀ and tries to see how it can be better for everyone, and how we can treat each other with love and respect to make our country great again.


Making Sense Episode 29. GE2017 -0

Election day is upon is and it's time to make a choice. I hope that I've armed you with everything you need, but I hoped that before Brexit too. These are the last words I have to say on the matter. The next time I speak to you it will either be to say that our nation did the right thing, or it will be to give you my first word of resistance against the Tories.

Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 28 – GE2017 – 2

Recorded late on a tuesday night, there's only one question to ask. Do you really think she'll keep you safe?

Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 26 – Can’t Make Sense

No election content. Just sadness.


Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 25 – GE2017 – 20

In this episode I take a look at the new Conservative manifesto, and a quick look at the Lib Dem manifesto with it's interesting clip art choices.

Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 24. GE2017 -28

A little while ago I saw a meme saying that you shouldn't vote until you've spoken to somebody who works in the NHS. I thought that was a good idea, so I did it, and I recorded it so you can hear it too.

Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 23. GE2017 – 30

Tonight I'm joined by Ian and Dee from the Do Ask Do Tell podcast. We're going to be talking about the UN investigation into the Tories and their treatment of the disabled, and a whole load of other things.

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21. GE2017 – 35

Today I'd like to share the reasoning behind my views of Tory supporters.

Making Sense with Richard Smith Episode 21 – GE2017 – 36

Darth May feels the power of the dark side, and lets the EU that she's going to be a pain in the arse, in what was a stupid and idiotic speech of lies, which she had the nerve to do stood outside Number 10.

20. GE2017 – 37

In this episode we look at the reception Darth May gets when she's near people, and at all the fraud, deception, and lies, that come out of Tories.

19. GE2017 -44

Today I'm joined by Ian, from Do Ask Do Tell, to look at the latest happenings with the general election, and to see if we can help find Theresa May.