Masters of None is a comedy podcast that doesn't suck. We debate the best and worst in pop culture, interview celebrities and comedians and drink Blue Point craft beer. For more info and a full episode guide, go to Welcome to the party, pals.

Podcast Episodes

MoN 13.11: Worst Xmas Songs 6
December 20th 2014

Our 6th annual trashing of Christmas music that deserves it.

MoN Classic- Worst Xmas Songs Vol. 1
December 13th 2014

For new fans and by popular demand, the original Worst Xmas Songs episode from 2009, the one that kicked off our bromance/frenemy relationship with Straight No Chaser.  Listen to us on the Erik Nagle Show on Sirius 296/XM Satellite Radio 103, Saturday night at 8pm EST, drinking beer and talking Worst Xmas Songs!
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MoN 13.10: Lessons Learned From The Films Of 1984
December 6th 2014

We tell you what we learned from movies that came out in 1984.  Get a Ninja Petting Zoo t-shirt HERE

MoN 13.9: Thanksgiving Foods- Worst To First
November 26th 2014

We give you our favorite Thanksgiving foods from worst to first. Order our new Ninja Petting Zoo t-shirt for the holidays at and make it a callback Christmas!

MoN 13.8: Top 8.5 Sidekicks
November 18th 2014

We count down the greatest sidekicks from comics, movies, TV, cartoons and more.

13.7: Greatest Moustache Of All Time
November 11th 2014

We decide the greatest moustache in history, live at the Blue Point Movember kickoff party.  If you enjoy the show, please donate to our Movember fundraising team HERE.
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13.6: Freestyle
October 30th 2014

We talk about topical stuff like the Marvel & DC movies, The League Sucks drinking game, Mike’s new house and more.  Join Mike & Jay this Saturday, as we host the Blue Point Movember kickoff party!  We’ll be there from 2-6pm at the brewery in Patchogue, NY.
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MoN 13.5: Worst 8.5 People On The Internet
October 25th 2014

We discuss the worst kinds of people on social media and the web as a whole. Don’t be these people. We’re joined by former guest, Topaz.

MoN 13.4: The Poser’s Guide To Work
October 16th 2014

We teach you how to act in the workplace, get jobs, nail interviews and everything else you need to get ahead.

MoN 13.3: Top 8.5 Ways We Don’t Want To Die
October 8th 2014

We discuss our least favorite ways we’d like to exit this world.
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