Masters of None

Masters of None is a comedy podcast that doesn’t suck.  We debate the best and worst in pop culture, interview celebrities and comedians and drink Blue Point craft beer.  For more info and a full episode guide, go to  Welcome to the party, pals.


EP 15.9 – Underrated Hot Chicks

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! Cousin Jay joins us as we dip back into the well and discuss some of the ladies of showbiz who have caught our fancy recently but maybe have flown under the radar.


EP 15.8 – Top 8.5 Batman Villains

This week Rob of the podcast "Comic Book Seduction" joins us to discuss the Top 8.5 Batman Villains of all time.

EP 15.7 – 2015 Sucks Or Rules

2015 was weird and wild year. We decide whether or not it lived up to our "Rules" standard or if in fact, it sucked.

EP 15.6 – Top 8.5 Documentaries Of All Time

There are some terrific documentaries out there and we've seen a whole bunch of them so we try our best to throw them into a nice neat little package. This is truly where it got difficult.

EP 15.5 – Worst Christmas Song Volume 7

It's that time of year where we scour the internet to find the worst possible Christmas songs that grace the airwaves. This year is a doozy! Home court everyone makes and appearance. DROP THE MIC - I'M OUT!

The Best Of Masters Of None

A collection of our best bits from the first 8 seasons to introduce new listeners to the show that we're assuming will check us out from our latest appearance on It's Erik Nagel tonight on Sirius 206/XM 103 from 6-9pm EST.

Thanksgiving Special – Alice’s Restaurant Audio Commentary

Every year we stuff our faces while celebrating friends and family but rarely do we hear the awful soundtrack playing in the background to Thanksgiving dinner. We decided to take a real listen to Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" in its entirety and comment accordingly.

EP 15.3 – White People Stereotypes

Every group has stereotypes that are associated with them. This week, we discuss good ol' whitey. Art also invents a new store and a brand new way to distribute desserts faster than ever.

EP 15.2 – Best And Worst Star Wars Merchandise

With the new Star Wars movie almost a month away, the hype machine is in full swing and when it comes to George Lucas, that means MERCHANDISING!!! We'd thought it only appropriate to look back at some of the best and worst stuff you can but with Star Wars characters plastered all over it.

Some of those mentioned:

C3PO Tape Dispenser

Erotic Jar-Jar Candy

The Ladies of Star Wars Cards

Life Size AT-ST

Whatever the hell this is

Dark Side Burger Buns

EP 15.1 – Worst “Sexy” Halloween Costumes of All Time

We're back!!! We kick off season 15 by catching up a bit followed by a rousing discussion about the ever rising trend in "Sexy" costumes and the pitfalls most people fall into creating them.