Masters of None is a comedy podcast that doesn't suck. We debate the best and worst in pop culture, interview celebrities and comedians and drink Blue Point craft beer. For more info and a full episode guide, go to Welcome to the party, pals.

Podcast Episodes

EP 14.11 – Best Weapons Of All Time
August 23rd 2015

We discuss some of the greatest fictional and nonfictional weapons of all time.

Ep 14.10 – Video Games Freestyle
August 16th 2015

2015 has been and will be a pretty great year for Video Games. Mike and Art discuss some of the best of the best and some of the most highly anticipated games of the year.

EP 14.9 – Canceled Shows We Want To Have Back
August 8th 2015

This week we talk about all of the best shows that got cancelled way too soon. Plus we talk with Dave Ferguson of the sketch comedy show: The Birthday Boys. 2nd season just became available on Netflix

Wrestling Bests & Worsts with Rowdy Roddy Piper
August 4th 2015

We talk Wrestling's Best and Worsts with WWF Legend - Rowdy Roddy Piper.

MoN 14.7: Hack Attack with Matt Damon
July 2nd 2015

We freestyle about lots of random stuff going on in our lives including Jurassic World, Hershey Park, Summer Jam and more, with special guest, Matt Damon.

MoN 14.6 Best Bass Line Of All Time With Melissa Auf Der Maur
June 18th 2015

The Bass Guitar gets its due on this week's episode as we discuss some of the greatest bass lines and bass players of all time. Special guest Melissa Auf Der Maur joins us to add her two cents plus give us some juicy tidbits of life on the road with bands like the Smashing Pumpkins and Hole.

MoN 14.5: Guilty Pleasures
June 4th 2015

We confess to our guiltiest pleasures, featuring an interview with Fuse TV's "White Guy Talk Show."
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MoN 14.4: Overrated, Rated, Underrated with JT Habersaat
May 30th 2015

We talk about things that are overrated, underrated and rated with our pal, comedian JT Habersaat. Check him out at on tour all over the US and on his podcast, The Road.

MoN 14.3: Best Current Innovations with Jim Tews
May 23rd 2015

We talk about the best modern-day innovations that are blowing our minds, with guest, comedian Jim Tews.  Check out his documentary- Make Fun: Building a Comedy Scene.

MoN 14.2: Top 8.5 ‘That Guys’
May 15th 2015

We count down the best character actors that you always recognize but probably don't know their names, with special guest Stephnie Weir from Mad TV and the new FX Show "The Comedians" Thursday nights at 10PM.

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