Masters of None is a comedy podcast that doesn’t suck.  We debate the best and worst in pop culture, interview celebrities and comedians and drink Blue Point craft beer.  For more info and a full episode guide, go to  Welcome to the party, pals.


EP 16.6 – Best Spacecraft

Of all the vehicles that have sped across the cosmos in fiction and in real life, which ones are the best? We have opinions as does our special guest, author of High Strangeness Eric Bickernicks

EP 16.5 – Lessons Learned From The Movies Of 1994

The 90s were an interesting year. Full of plaid shirts, boy bands and movies that shaped our pop culture identity. Find out what life lessons we learned from the films of 1994.

16.3 – Worst Earworms Of All Time

Ever get a song in your head stuck in your head on repeat? We call those

Worst Christmas Songs Volume 10

Back again to ruin your holidays, here we come with another year of Yule Tide music you'll want to stab yourself in the eye while listening to.

Worst Christmas Songs of All Time – Volume 9

We're BAAAAACK! We dust off the ol' account and take a break from our other podcast Bat Channel 66 (Shameless Plug... go check it out while we're on MoN hiatus) to bring you our annual WORST CHRISTMAS SONGS!!! This is going from bad to worse I think as we chug along.

EP 1.8 – Dumbest Athlete Of All Time

Some athletes are not too bright and some just take the cake. We go over some of the dumbest athletes of all time and crown an interesting King.

EP 1.7 – Biggie Vs Tupac

We dive back to 2008 when Jay and Art go toe to toe to decide once and for all - Who is better? Biggie or Tupac.

Worst Christmas Songs Volume 8

Joy to the world - It's that time of year where we dust off some of those old holiday classics and reflect on the garbage that is produced to celebrate the holiday season. Join us as we take a walk down memory lane at some of the worst we've had to endure listening to.

EP 1.2 – Worst Songs to Get a Lap Dance To

Another classic episode this week - There are some songs that just don't go well in certain situations. The strip club DJ has an important job and we find out, that some guys can really cause some damage when they're asleep behind the wheel

EP1.1 – Seinfeld Sucks or Rules

While you're listening to our new podcast Bat Channel 66, we figured we would repost our old episodes - starting with the very first episode where we do our very first ever "sucks or rules" to Seinfeld.