The show that gave rise to Simply Syndicated, Movies You Should See is at the heart of the network. This is no high-brow affair; it’s what you get when a group of friends with different tastes in film gather in front of microphones to discuss, debate, dissect and devour movies for your delectation.

From the gooey Ghost to the masterful Three Colours Trilogy, the crew leave no stone unturned across the genres and put each other through sometimes tough challenges. Disagreement, salty language and a heavy dose of irreverent humour might belie the passion for film and genuine pathos, but it’s all there.


51. Fight Club

There's a joke I could do, but we're all better than that.

50. The Two Towers

Remember when Lord of the Rings was a thing? We sure do, because we were there.

49. From Dusk Till Dawn

There are many reasons to see this film, not just one.

48. The Fellowship of the Ring

The gang talk about another gang who have a ring.

47. The Abyss

You know exactly what quote I was going to write here in the description.

46. City of God

It's be so long since we recorded this show, that there's been another movie called City of God.

45. Grosse Point Blank

Remember when John Cusack films were a good thing?

44. Heat

As I write more of these meaningless shownotes for really old episodes, I'm reminded of the crap jokes I used to make, and how I can't really think up any new ones.

43. The Blair Witch Project

I'm so scared.

42. Ray

The masturbation bottle tree.

Volume 2 Season 2

1. Mad Max