Movies You Should See

The show that gave rise to Simply Syndicated, Movies You Should See is at the heart of the network. This is no high-brow affair; it’s what you get when a group of friends with different tastes in film gather in front of microphones to discuss, debate, dissect and devour movies for your delectation.

From the gooey Ghost to the masterful Three Colours Trilogy, the crew leave no stone unturned across the genres and put each other through sometimes tough challenges. Disagreement, salty language and a heavy dose of irreverent humour might belie the passion for film and genuine pathos, but it’s all there.


Synner Preview – Movies You Should See: Mad Max

When we have a few more episodes in the bag Movies You Should See will return as a podcast. Until then, it doesn't hurt to give you a sneaky peak at the first episode of the new series, right?

I didn't think you'd object.

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V2E23 Best In Show

It's time to look at dog shows and understand the people behind them.

V2E22 Night Of The Living Dead

Some things go bump in the night. Other things moan, and slowly try to eat your brains. This show, is closer to being the second of those two things.

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V2E21 Dr Who and the Daleks

On this episode of Movies You Should See, we're joined by Emma and Mike from The Greatest Show In The Galaxy, and Rick and Laura, to talk about Emma and Mike's greatest love, Dr Who. And what better way of doing that, than watching a movie that's almost entirely nothing to do with the popular television series. Don't forget, you can hear Rick on his show Starbase 66.

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V2E20 Dredd vs Judge Dredd

In the world of movie review discussion shows, this is a big one. Which is better? Dredd or Judge Dredd? Who is the law?

V2E19 Misery

Movies You Should See from Simply Syndicated is back. This time, we're looking at one of the better movies based on a Stephen King book.

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V2E18 Heathers

In this episode, we spend about an hour making Ian be very angry. It seems that this film didn't go down as well as it could have done. Is it a movie you should see?

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V2E17 Touch of Evil

We review Touch Of Evil. I'll be honest, I should maybe have edited this one a bit better. If you spot any massive problems, let me know. Also, sorry for the worse than usual sound quality, I was trying something new and it didn't work.

V2E16 Sneakers

In this episode we're joined by Allison, Boz, Ian and Simon, to talk about the 90s classic movie Sneakers.

V2E15 The Devil’s Backbone

In this show we're joined by Allison, Greg, Scott, and Matt, taking a look at The Devil's Backbone (IMDB:

Volume 2 Season 2

1. Mad Max