Nerd Hurdles — the podcast that helps you overcome your geek prejudices… with snark

Nerd Hurdle – nerd hur’dle – (nûrd hûr’dl) n., v. -dled, -dling -n. a barrier or blockade of ‘nerdiness’ that an individual not of the nerd persuasion must metaphorically ‘leap’ over in order to enjoy or fully appreciate a given experience or situation. She loves Mel Gibson but the aliens were just too big a nerd hurdle for her to really enjoy Signs. -v. to successfully overcome a nerd hurdle.

Each week one of geekdom’s sacred cows is put on the chopping block as Jakob and Mandi dissect it with an irreverent and ruthlessly critical eye. Occasionally the cow makes it out unscathed, but even when when the blood of your favourite movie, TV show, book, comic, game, character or pastime is spilled, there’s something to laugh about (as they twist the knife).


NH – Episode 32 – The Doom Episode (9/11)

The whole point was to make ‘Charlie Sheen you shouldn’t wear make-up it makes you look like a whore’ jokes but Jakob and Mandi forgot. Then they got dogmatic and doomy and a bit gloomy.


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