Nerd Hurdles — the podcast that helps you overcome your geek prejudices… with snark

Nerd Hurdle – nerd hur’dle – (nûrd hûr’dl) n., v. -dled, -dling -n. a barrier or blockade of ‘nerdiness’ that an individual not of the nerd persuasion must metaphorically ‘leap’ over in order to enjoy or fully appreciate a given experience or situation. She loves Mel Gibson but the aliens were just too big a nerd hurdle for her to really enjoy Signs. -v. to successfully overcome a nerd hurdle.

Each week one of geekdom’s sacred cows is put on the chopping block as Jakob and Mandi dissect it with an irreverent and ruthlessly critical eye. Occasionally the cow makes it out unscathed, but even when when the blood of your favourite movie, TV show, book, comic, game, character or pastime is spilled, there’s something to laugh about (as they twist the knife).


Episode 228 – Erotic Fiction

Kathie (AKA Olivia Kent) joins Jakob and Mandi in a discussion of erotica and erotic fiction that is NOT fan fiction. What is HuCow? Find out within.

Episode 227: Star Trek Survey Results

We made a survey about Star Trek. A whopping 47 people responded (including us)! These results are totally scientific and reveal the ultimate truth about who the best and worst characters are and what series is the true fan favourite. You can't argue with the opinions of a whole 47 people.

This episode is also available as an "enhanced" audio podcast if waiting for sporadic humorous images and pertinent graphics are your bag.

Episode 226: Gilmore Girls Apoocalypse

Jakob and Mandi discuss the end of all things Gilmore... or is it? And what is the cultural relevance of having seen "A Year In The Life" or not having seen Rogue One. Plus, 2016 takes another life.

Episode 225: Netflix and Quill

Since having a baby (the titular Quill), we watch a LOT more Netflix and get out to the movies a lot less. So no timely Rogue One review (probably to the relief of many listeners). Instead we talk Orphan Black, Star Trek: Enterprise, For The Love of Spock, Gilmore Girls and Captain America: Civil War.

Episode 224: Super Gotham

This week we talk about a couple DC television shows, the fabulous Gotham and the pretty good Supergirl.

Episode 223: Marvelous Marvels of Marvel

Jakob and Mandi chat about the marvelous marvels of the Marvel universe. Well, Luke Cage and Deadpool at least. They also discuss Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3 and Bones Season 11.

Episode 222: Breast Feeding

Mandi and Jakob had a baby. It's been... an experience. An experience during which they've watched a lot of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Episode 221: Hurdles Beyond (Star Trek Beyond Review)

Popular guest host Kathie rejoins Jakob and Mandi to talk about Star Trek Beyond, which they all saw together a few weeks ago and have varying opinions about.

Episode 220: PokéBusters

Two pretty darn good things that haters are hating on. Resident haters Jakob and Mandi give them some love. Pokémon Go and Ghostbusters 2016 reboot. What's not to like?

Episode 219: Familiar Things (A Netflix Unoriginal Series)

Jakob and Mandi liked Stranger Things so much they immediately did an episode on it highlighting some of its weaker points (naturally).

And in typical "nuanced" Nerd Hurdles fashion Jakob comes of somewhat negative about the theme music which is very similar, if not pretty much identical, to an album he recently released called Mind Thief which you can hear a snippet of at the end of the episode or in full HERE. Jakob claims his poo-pooing of the John Carpenter-esque synth music in Stranger Things had nothing to do with grapes, sour, or otherwise.


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