Jason Hawk and Richard Smith were 80s children and grew up either side of the Atlantic. They must be feeling their ages as they reminisce everything that rocked about their childhood. That cool TV show, the must-have toys, the cereal for breakfast, the sweets we scoffed or the candies we ate, depending on our nationality. And just to mix it up, there’s stuff that doesn’t fit into what I’ve just told you at all. It’s remembering, remastered.


Remastered marathon

Do you like stuff? Do you subscribe to a linear understanding of time and space? Then listen to Jason and Rich talk about stuff that used to be!

We're launching Remastered season two this Thursday with a recording marathon. Starting around 11 a.m. Eastern (time subject to change, I guess), we'll record some shows back-to-back-to-back. Topics: Batman, obsolete tech/trends/products, how we became gamers, how we got into Star Trek, and movies we watched over and over again as kids.

If you're looking for a bro-tastic 80s and 90s lovefest and are either unemployed or have the day off, then listen live in the chatroom. Hear the episodes before anyone else! Hear all the mistakes! Hear Jason say, "We need to take a break, I have to crap!"