Jason, Richard and Allison join together to discuss TV that they love in the age of digital streaming services. They take it in turns to share, or inflict upon others, their favourite series, old and new. The only rule is that it played on TV somewhere.

Buck Rogers, Quantum Leap and Boston Legal were the opening throw downs from each presenter. What will they watch next on their patrol of the remote?


Remote Patrol: Trust No One – Pilot

Hello Remote Patrol Fans. Here's a special preview of Remote Patrol: Trust No One. It's a show with Rich and Jason dedicated to The X Files and it's available for Simply Everything subscribers. If you want to subscribe so you can listen to every episode of this show, and all the shows from the eleven year history of Simply Syndicated, visit simplysyndicated.com/everything. We appreciate your support.

Please enjoy.

S2E10 Louis

Is it one of the greatest comedy series of all time? Nobody made that claim. I'm just writing stuff in here to fill up the box.

S2E9 Say Yes to the Dress

We're back and working on the basis that not all TV shows are brilliant. Of course that depends on your opinion.

S2E8 The X Files Part 4

This is the final episode of our look at the X Files. Mike Mould edited this episode. Thanks to him!

S2E7 The X Files Part 3

We're far from done with the X Files. Trust no one. Check out our other shows on SimplySyndicated.com as well as other episodes of Remote Patrol here on our SoundCloud page.

S2E6 The X Files Part 2

We're back talking about The X Files. You really should be picking this stuff up from the title of the episode. You know why I don't like doing shownotes? It's because I know you're better than that.

S2E5 The X-Files Part 1

In this latest episode we begin an epic quest. If you're not an X-Files fan then the next few shows aren't going to please you. However, if you are an X-Files fan, you're gonna have a great time.

S2E4. Father Ted


S2E3. The US Office

Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

S2E2. Magnum P.I.

The man with the moustache is here.