The Greatest Events In Sporting History

This show has Shane and it has Jonathan. Can you guess what they talk about? That’s right! Events in the sporting history. From what I hear, that actually talk about the greatest events in sporting history


GEISH 100 – 2015 in Review (Part 4)

Turns out it was a huge year for both codes of rugby. Also this brings up our 100th episode. Thanks for listening guys.


GEISH 99 – 2015 in Review (Part 3)

2016 may have begun, but our review of 2015 in sport continues apace. This episode takes in the past year in Tennis, Cycling, and Cricket. (more…)

GEISH 98 – 2015 in Review (Part Two)

In part two of our 2015 review show, we have a look at the Women's World Cup (Football) that took place in Canada in June.

We are joined by Shireen Ahmed, who can be found at and on twitter @_shireenahmed_


GEISH 97 – 2015 in Review (Part One)

We bring you part one of our review of 2015. We are joined by Emma Foster from Greatest Show in the Galaxy to discuss the NFL and Athletics seasons.

This show was meant to include the Women's World Cup but that would have added more than an hour to the run time so that will be released as a stand alone show soon.


GEISH 96 – Legend Series: Ian Roberts

We look back at the career of Australian Rugby League star, Ian Roberts. A vicious competitor, whose on-pitch ferocity was masking huge personal turmoil.

To give a heads-up, we discuss issues of homophobia and suicide on this episode. (more…)

GEISH 95 – Top 5 Breakthrough Performances

We take you through our Top 5 performances that made people go, "Woah, who is this guy/girl?"


GEISH 94 – Tommy Simpson at the Tour De France & Vera Caslavska at the 1968 Olympics

We take a trip to the 1960's to review two sporting events of poignance and resistance.

Jonathan talks about the 1967 Tour de France, where Tommy Simpson - arguably Britain's most influential cyclist - pushes himself to the limit, and beyond.

Shane recants the story of Vera Caslavska, the Czechoslovakian gymnast, who used the medal rostrum at the 1968 Olympics as a platform of political protest.

Before all this, prompted by an email from Chris Hale, we briefly touch on the issue of Adam Goodes, and racism in Aussie Rules football. (more…)

GEISH 93 – No Mas

The story of two fights between Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran, where the second ended with Duran quitting in the 8th round by turning his back and claiming "No Mas": two words that would go on to live in boxing infamy.


GEISH 92 – Legend Series: Richie Benaud

Whether it was with the ball or bat in his hand, or the microphone against his mouth, Richie Benaud was arguably cricket's greatest treasure. We talk through the cricketing and commentary career of the great Australian. (more…)

GEISH 91 – Top 5 Blunders

Join us as we take great pleasure in the pain of others, but it's self inflicted pain so that's ok yeah?

We cover the Top 5 Blunders that have cost a team or individual big time.

After the break find a couple of videos of our selections.