This show has Shane and it has Jonathan. Can you guess what they talk about? That's right! Events in the sporting history. From what I hear, that actually talk about the greatest events in sporting history.

Podcast Episodes

GEISH 89 – 2014 in Review (Part 3)
February 28th 2015

As per usual, our sporting retrospective is a belated one. Our penultimate part features a crammed year in football, from Steven Gerrard’s slip, to the World Cup. Greg Blanchard from the Inappropriate Conversations podcast joins us.

P.S. This was a much longer episode, but due to the rough cut coming in at over 3 hours, we’ve cut it into two parts. Part 4 will be on the way soon. But I’m sure I’ve done such a good editing job that you won’t notice the difference.

*looks around nervously* (more…)

GEISH 88 – 2014 in Review (part 2)
January 24th 2015

Part two of our review of 2014. This time we look back at the year in Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League and Athletics.


GEISH 87 – 2014 In Review (Part 1)
December 29th 2014

Our 2014 retrospective begins. With help from sometime-guest, Emma Foster, we look back over the past year in Tennis, Cycling & the NFL. We’re also including a trigger warning for discussion of domestic violence.

After the end-theme tune, you can hear us talk about things which didn’t make the final edit. It mainly concerned Emma’s new cat. (more…)

GEISH 86 – Gabby Douglas And Dick Kerr Ladies
November 2nd 2014

Shane looks back at the performance of Gabby Douglas during the gymnastics at London 2012. She was the first American gymnast ever to win both the team and individual all-around gold at the same Olympics, Given the nature of her story, the issues of race are also discussed.

Jonathan, realising he hasn’t marked the 100th anniversary the start of First World War, looks back at the rise of Women’s football during the war. The focus of the story is on the Dick Kerr Ladies but also explains the downfall of the game after the war was over. (Hint – the men effectively banned it)

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GEISH 85 – Premier League 2011/12 (The Final Day)
September 27th 2014

Sound problems and Manchester United-based shade abounds, as we’re joined by Manchester City fans, Amy Dean and Greg Blanchard to review the final day of a season that, to quote Martin Tyler, we would, “never seen anything like this again!” (more…)

GEISH 84 – Legend Series: Michael Johnson
August 27th 2014

We induct the legendary American 200 and 400 metre runner Michael Johnson into our hall of fame.


GEISH 83 – Top 5 Commentators
July 6th 2014
Our latest Top 5 countdown looks at some of the finest commentators in our sporting lifetimes. You may be able to tell from listening to the episode, that we recorded this shortly before the World Cup began.


GEISH 82 – The Watersplash Final (1968) And Manchester United Vs Real Madrid (2003)
April 12th 2014

We are back to our normal rotation after our year review shows. Jonathan brings you action from 1968 when Leeds took on Wakefield in the Challenge Cup final. In a game that would be defined by the weather and end in heartbreaking fashion.

Shane takes us back to where it all began for Roman Abramovich, at Old Trafford, where Manchester United entertained Real Madrid in one of the great Champions League games.


GEISH 81 – 2013 in Review (Part 4)
February 23rd 2014

Another mammoth sporting retrospective comes to an end. Our favourite American, Greg Blanchard joins us to review 2013 in Baseball, Ice Hockey, Baskeball, American Football and Soccer (or football if you’re Euro-inclined).

We feature a special rant on Manchester United, and a bold prediction from Greg on the Superbowl (we recorded this back in January), as well as our sporting awards for the heroes and villains of 2013. (more…)

GEISH 80: 2013 in Review Part Three
February 13th 2014

In part three of our 2013 review show we look at the sports of cricket, cycling and athletics.

Be warned, it was a huge year in cricket with two Ashes series so cricket talk takes up the vast majority of the show. If you really hate cricket, skip to around the 1 hour 50 mark.