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223. Nick Should Buy a Switch

In this episode we get back to talking about tech news, and Nick decides to buy a Nintendo Switch.

222. Our Mobile Phone History

There wasn't any news worth talking about this week, so we thought we'd talk about phones.

221. Switch To This

Nope, you'll never guess what we talk about in this episode.

220. You Are Not Too Old

We're happy to give out advice and positive encouragement.

219. On WIth The Phones

We've got some phone stuff to talk about this week, which makes a change. Haven't rambled on about phones for ages.

218. My Name Is Prince

And I'm on streaming services.

217. Dognald Trump

In this show we begin by talking about how my dog can do an impression of Donald Trump, and it gets worse from there on in.

216. Not Saying The T Word

There's all kinds of talk going on here. I'm gushing about games again. Actually I'm gushing about games for most of the show. Sorry. However, I do promise that none of our news is about a particular person.

215. It’s Your Letters

This episode of Tech It Or Leave It comes to you thanks to listeners like you. It's an entire episode made up of your questions and letters. Thanks for your help and support. We look forward to reading more of your messages.

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214. Switch

Apparently some small console company in Japan launched a new console.