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Our hosts range from enthusiastic geek to professional coder, and are joined by special guests from time to time. Everything from our weekly pool of news stories is linked to in our episode shownotes, and we invite you to suggest topics for discussion throughout the week on our forums.


243. All The Google and Amazon Stuff

There isn't just one game in town, there are three. This week, the other two had something to say.

242. More iPhone and iOS Stuff

There's not much news, but there is a new iPhone in our hands. Of course, we still like the last one, which we didn't when it was the current one.

241. iPhone TEN

Let us teach you how to correctly say the name of Apple products.

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238. News and Social Media

This week we have a little bit of news and a little bit of a topic. This is the period between all topic and all news. Exciting times we live in.

237. The iPod

No news, so we talked about iPods instead.

#Tech #Technology #Gadget #Phone #Laptop #Computer #iOS #Amazon #Google #Microsoft #iPhone #Android #News #Reviews #Discussion #Talk #Spoken English #Simply Syndicated

236. Remembering 80s America

There was no news again this week so Jenn and Rich talk about gaming in the 80s, and Jenn talks about something called Atari and Arcades.

235. All Good Things

Sometimes I come up with episode titles that I know will cause a few of you to think something drastic is happening. I know I'm doing it. I'm messing with you. I enjoy it.

234. Help! I’m Stuck In A Podcast

We have tech news, just like we do most weeks. It's why we call it a tech news show. Tell your friends.

233. I See Your Face

Apple might have an iPhone that can see your face. Technically an iPhone can see your face already, it's just that it doesn't know what it's looking at.

232. SNES and iPhones

Tech news again because some happened.