First there was Bollocks. Then there was Rich Daily. Now there is TechSupportRich, and it’s exclusively for Simply Everything subscribers.

A long time has passed since Rich took to the microphone alone, now he’s back. TechSupportRich is totally different from anything that came before it. There are no rules. Anything can and will happen. I suppose what I’m saying is, don’t expect much.


The TechSupportRich Show Ep. 19 – The 19 Minutes Before Shaken Not Stirred

This was really just the rambling before we recorded another show. It just sounded so much like a show I thought I'd put it out anyway.

The TechSupportRich Show Ep. 18 – Windows 10

This wasn't my idea, but I didn't exactly object either.

The TechSupportRich Show Ep. 17 – A Show With Scott

I did a show with Scott. You can listen to it here.

The TechSupportRich Show Ep. 16 – I Did Another Show With Ian

I did another show with Ian. You know Ian from Do Ask Do Tell and other Simply Syndicated productions. Here he is on a show with me, talking about stuff. I'd like to have a picture to go with this post, but what am I supposed to put up? A picture of Ian? I could do that I suppose, but I question how much it would help things. Not that there's anything wrong with showing you a photo of Ian, he isn't funny looking or anything. He looks very much like a normal person.

The TechSupportRich Show Ep. 15 – I Did A Show With Ian

We just sort of started talking and it went on for two hours. These things happen from time to time.

The TechSupportRich Show Episode 14 – Ferguson Again

I had to say something.

The TechSupportRich Show Ep. 13 – Suddenly Alone

I done a show.

The TechSupportRich Show Ep. 12 – Purely Filler

I just wanted to spend time talking to you. Thank you for letting me do that.

The TechSupportRich Show Ep. 11 – Burn Out

I recorded a show on my phone while I walked Barclay. That's how you make the very best content.

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The TechSupportRich Show Ep. 10 – The Watch With Ian and Ari

I really didn't mean to do another tech related episode, and I really really didn't mean to do yet another show about the recent Apple event. You can blame my two guests. We just started talking so I just started recording.

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