He is a grizzled veteran with nothing left to lose, and she’s a quirky but underrated archeologist. Together they’ll have zany, madcap adventures as they explore the Stargate universe. Join Rick, from Ray Guns and GoGo Boots, and Ro, from The Atomic Trivia War 9000, as they watch, and review each episode of Stargate SG-1…a rewatch for him, a brand new adventure for her.


The Seventh Chevron: Announcement

Attention all personnel!!

The Seventh Chevron: Pretense

Tollan arrogance? Check! Jack's irreverence? Double check! A courtroom drama where Skaara has to fight for the right to his own body? Triple check!! Throw in a dash of Goa'uld skulduggery and you have this week's episode!!

The Seventh Chevron: Foothold

Stargate Command is invaded by...Stargate Command, and Sam must be Daniel to save Jack and Daniel from Jack and Daniel...or does she?!!! Confused? You will be...you will be.

The Seventh Chevron:The Devil You Know

Can our heroes rescue Jacob, stop Apophis, and destroy Solkar all before the Tok'ra blow up Netu? Tune in and find out!!

The Seventh Chevron: Jolinar’s Memories

Sam's dad has been captured by Sokar, and SG1 have to literally go to Hell to save him.

The Seventh Chevron: Past and Present

It's time for another appearance from Douchebag Daniel as he rebounds hard for a woman who has lost her memory and is either an angel of light, or the bringer of death!

Forever in a Day

Sha're returns to kill Daniel...or to enlist his aid...or is it both?!

Rules of Engagement

SG1 finds SG...um...none, and hijinks ensue.

The Seventh Chevron: Demons


The Seventh Chevron: Deadman Switch

An irascible bounty hunter learns there's more to life than just profit in this very special episode of Stargate: SG1.