He is a grizzled veteran with nothing left to lose, and she’s a quirky but underrated archeologist. Together they’ll have zany, madcap adventures as they explore the Stargate universe. Join Rick, from Ray Guns and GoGo Boots, and Ro, from The Atomic Trivia War 9000, as they watch, and review each episode of Stargate SG-1…a rewatch for him, a brand new adventure for her.


The Seventh Chevron: The Fifth Race

After getting too intimate with an alien device, Jack begins to act very strangely.


A weather control device is stolen from a world SG1 scouted, and it's up to the team to get it back.


Go on, Sam. Tell the wolf she's pretty.

The Tok’ra (parts 1&2)

Sam's father lies dying, and the only thing that can save him is an alliance with the reclusive, and mysterious Tok'ra.

The Seventh Chevron:Bane

SG1 go on a bug, and T'ealc hunt.

Episode 30: Secrets

Abydos! Reunions! Accolades! Death! Lies! Awkward Family Moments! This episode has everything!!


Teal'c must return to Chulak to rescue his son from the clutches of Apophis.

Message in a Bottle

In the SGC, the snitch catches you!

Episode 27: Thor’s Chariot

The SG team discover that maybe destroying a primitive world's only defense against the Goa'uld to save your Jaffa friend might just come back to bite you in the Chappa-ai!


Daniel deals with a bad case of sarcophagus addiction.