World 1 Stage 1

World 1 Stage 1 is a podcast talking about classic games. Largely unavailable classics. It’s also a podcast about three guys going wildly off topic. If hearing Another World, Sam and Max or Monkey Island makes you smile then you need to listen.


W1S1 100 – Game Over

In which our heroes talk about the last seven months, games they've played, things they've watched and spend most of the show not talking about why the episode is called 'Game Over'.

W1S1 99 – A Very Civil Discussion

In which our heroes resolve a bet and discuss the finer points of the latest MCU offering. Also, Hasbro are making a cinematic universe. No. Really.

W1S1 98 – Dark Souls

In which our heroes prepare to die, over and over again.

W1S1 98 – We Have No Agenda

In which our heroes, having not spoken to each other in a while, take so long to get to the topic that they ended up making a show without an agenda. Next episode, we'll actually talk *about* something. Promise.

W1S1 96 – Alan Smithee – Batman Vs Superman Vs A Little Bit Of Sick At The Back Of Your Mouth

In which our heroes answer the question

W1S1 95 – Sweaty Men Rolling Around Together

In which our heroes step inside the squared circle looking to leave it all in the ring. In the run up to Wrestlemania, which came out the day before this podcast (oops), we talk WRASSLING.

W1S1 94 – The End Of A Fable

In which our heroes talk many movies and finally get around to discussing the shuttering of Lionhead Studios, makers of Fable and Black and White.

W1S1 93 – Alan Smithee – Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pool Guy

In which our heroes examine the important questions, like where are the rest of the X-Men?

W1S1 92 – Alan Smithee – Diving Beneath The Ghost Line

Late to release and recorded oh so late at night our heroes delve beneath the ghost line to find out what that noise in their brain is all about.

W1S1 91 – Roll With It – The New World Of The Chronicles Of Darkness

Better late than never, our heroes venture into the dark alleys and deserted graveyards of a world much like our own to discuss the past, present and future of the World of Darkness.